Thursday November 26th at 12:30pm

During the challenges of 2020, Fraser and Fraser have taken their expertise online, with a series of acclaimed free webinars for those who work in the legal or public sector spheres. Covering a range of topics and featuring guest speakers from across the industry, we answer the questions posed by delegates in real-time.

To register an interest in attending future webinars, please email with your full name, email address and company name.

If you missed them the first time around, you can watch all of our previous webinars right here.

Shining a light on Insolvent Estates
(Live broadcast 12th October 2020)

Along with Fraser and Fraser‘s Nick BeethamJason Ainge, Simon Boulton and Paul Barber discuss insolvent deceased estates – the threats that can arise, but also the potential opportunities that may exist for practitioners.

Statutory Wills:
Picking apart a case study
(Live broadcast 24th September 2020)

Solicitor Caroline Bielanska and Court of Protection Barrister Barbara Rich discuss Statutory Wills, directing a particularly difficult case and highlighting some key areas to consider.

Trusts and Probate:
Updates in Private Client practice
(Live broadcast 20th October 2020)

John D. Bunker LL.B CTA TEP, discusses recent updates on major changes in Trusts and Probate within Private Client practice.

Ruins to Revenue:
Bringing Empty Homes Back Into Use
(Live broadcast 15th September 2020)

John Martin and Karen Johannesson, from our Scotland and the North England office in Edinburgh, discuss how to get properties back into use, using real case studies from that region.

De-risking deceased files:
A best practice approach

(Live broadcast 23rd July 2020)

Nick Beetham and Gareth Langford talk to those working in Court of Protection, Appointeeship and Deputyship cases about a best-practice approach for swift resolution.

Bona Vacantia webinar:
How to win clients without really trying
(Live broadcast 28th May 2020)

Nick Beetham and Simon Grosvenor talk all things Bona Vacantia, including the generosity of intestacy rules and what you should do if you think an estate is, in fact, ownerless.

Empty Homes webinar:
From Crisis to Council Tax

(Live broadcast 23rd June 2020)

Nick Beetham and Gareth Langford speak to Empty Homes Officers from across the UK, offering advice on some of the their hardest-to-solve cases.