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Resolving the Estate
February 15, 2024

Susan Ware, a once independent woman, found herself in a vulnerable position in her late 70s when she fell victim to financial exploitation by her cleaner. With no immediate family to turn to, the Council stepped in as her appointee to address the situation. Despite having ample means, Susan never executed a will, often citing […]

The man with two names
May 12, 2023

Sometimes it takes years of experience, the right tools and some old-fashioned legwork to track down missing members of fractured families. Paul Harris died aged 55 in Aldershot, Hampshire, without either a will or any known relatives and his solicitor contacted Fraser and Fraser in the hope of tracing next-of-kin. It was clear from the […]

The family maimed by two World Wars
May 11, 2023

Occasionally Fraser and Fraser’s researchers encounter evidence of the almost unbelievable damage wrought to families by two world wars. This is precisely what happened when we set out to trace the relatives of William Faber. Not only had the life-long bachelor lost three serviceman brothers during the Second World War, we also discovered that both […]

Tracking down the heirs to a multi-million dollar estate
May 12, 2023

Bernard Lester died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 88. A retired film company executive, Bernard had never married and left behind him and a considerable estate, but neither any close relatives nor a will, and it soon became apparent that tracking down his heirs would be no easy task. Friends confirmed that […]

Tying it altogether
March 3, 2023

(Susan Ware) deceased Susan Ware had been very independent for most of her life but, in her late 70s, she’d been taken financial advantage of quite badly by her cleaner. The Council became involved and became her appointee and the cleaner was dealt with. Sue had lived in her own home since her marriage decades […]

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