Why Us?
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Since 1969, our accredited firm of professionals has worked with the Public Sector, providing a free of charge family tree next-of-kin tracing services.


Working with us

Our Case Managers are registered under the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR), regulated by the Institute of Paralegals (IoP), as a firm of professional genealogists and international probate researchers, we truly understand the sensitivity that needs to be applied to issues such as tracing next-of-kin.

We support all Public Sector departments that require assistance. So, why work with us?


Fraser and Fraser’s approach is very straightforward. Essentially, our services are free of charge to Local Authorities.


We understand the sensitivity that needs to be applied to issues such as tracing next-of-kin. Tact, empathy and experience are key components in our approach and our dedicated Case Managers (all managers are registered under the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR), regulated by the Institute of Paralegals (IoP)) will work swiftly and effectively to identify and find the people you need to contact.

Risk Management

Harnessing the expertise of Fraser and Fraser means eliminating possible oversights and mistakes in identifying and locating people. We have industry-leading research tools including, the probate research industry’s Free Family Tree Checker and world-class researchers in-house and around the world, so you can be sure that the results of our work will be correct and complete.


We will always report to you within 24 hours of you enquiry by which time we may have already found some or all of the relevant people in question. At the very least your Case Manager will give you a comprehensive progress update.


Working with Fraser and Fraser delivers numerous tangible benefits:

– Families can be reunited and can then take responsibility for the funeral for their deceased relative, relieving you of the cost;
– Empty homes can be brought back into use;
– Council Tax income can be reinstated and arrears settled;
– Funds held on behalf of clients where you are Appointee or Deputy can be disposed of and all files closed;
– Statutory Will applications can proceed with next-of-kin included in the application.

We can help

You are welcome to give us a call for a chat about any problem cases you are dealing with. We would love to help and there is no pressure, or obligation to instruct us.


Services for Appointeeship and Deputyship

We can help with any next-of-kin enquiries relating to Client Finance, Appointeeship & Deputyship and Court of Protection. We deal with these cases routinely, at no cost to the Council.

In cases where a Local Authority is Appointee or Deputy for a person with impaired capacity, they will be responsible for any assets they hold. Should they pass away with assets still in the Authority’s custody, it will be necessary to pay the assets over to the executors or next-of-kin.

As part of this process, we will identify and locate the executors or next-of-kin, and if necessary, will obtain a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration) to ensure that the funds go to the right people, and then close the file permanently. In the unlikely event there’s no surviving relative entitled to the funds you’re holding, we can complete the formalities and refer the matter to the relevant Bona Vacantia authorities on your behalf.

Appointeeship and Deputyship Cases
We can help with Appointeeship & Deputyship cases

Working with the Public Sector since 1969, we offer a free of charge next-of-kin identification and location service at no charge to the Public Sector.

We enable to dispose of balances you are holding on behalf of your deceased clients and reduce the risk accordingly. For more information, talk to us today.

Want to know more? Why not watch our webinar on Appointee and Deputyship: A best practice approach; which explores, de-risking deceased files.



Is your firm regulated?

Yes, Fraser and Fraser are regulated by the Institute of Paralegals (IoP). The Institute of Paralegals is the professional body for paralegals in England and Wales and is committed to promoting the highest standards of professional competence and conduct.

All of our UK case managers and Partners (Neil and Andrew Fraser) are registered under the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR); all members have a practising paralegal certificate, following a strong standard and ethics code to ensure that they use best practise methods for every case and client.

All members require a minimum of 4 years of practical experience and show proof they have worked in excess of 100 probate cases. Are you working with a regulated firm? Find out here now

Who can I speak with?

Your initial contact will be with one of our Business Development Managers, or with one of the Partners. You can reach them here. Once your query has been received, we will assign your case to the most relevant case manager, who will then by your direct point of contact. If you have worked with us before and would like to deal with the same manager, please ask and we would be happy to help.

How quickly will I hear back from Fraser and Fraser?

We guarantee you will receive a research update within the first 24 hours*. After that time, you will be updated regularly on the status of the case – we understand the need for prompt timelines when dealing with such sensitive issues.

*Monday – Friday

Can we refer Fraser and Fraser to other relevant departments within our Public Sector?

Yes, please do. We work with a number of departments within the public sector, including Environmental Health, Empty Homes, Bereavement and Funeral Services, Client Affairs, Cemeteries Office, social and Adult Services, Client Relations, Appointee and Deputyship and Client Finance. If you believe another department within your work place would benefit from our tracing next-of-kin service, please feel free to pass on our details.

What pricing model do Fraser and Fraser work with?

Our service is free to the Public Sector – we recover our costs when we successfully trace beneficiaries to an estate, which is usually direct from the heir as a percentage of their entitlement.

Do you have a set minimum value?

No. If the fee amount, likely to be recovered does not cover the expenditure to reach an agreement will all family members, we will endeavour to pass you back the contact details of at least one family member free of charge.

Can I agree with you in advance what your fee to the heirs will be?

Of course! We’re happy to determine the maximum percentage fee that we will look to recover from their heirs before we begin research.

I have been advised that other firms independently assess their fees. Do you?

Fraser and Fraser have heard of other firms claiming to have their fees independently agreed by an independent solicitor, however, this often refers to the genealogist approaching their panel firm – a regular working contact. We are more than happy to talk about our fees upfront with the instructing party, whether that is a solicitor or a public sector employee; to agree a maximum percentage fee in advance.

Can I have a hard copy of your literature?

We are more than happy to send you a hard copy of our Public Sector brochure to keep and pass on to other colleagues. You can contact us here.

Can I still hand the estate to the Bona Vacantia – part of the Government Legal Department (formally known as the treasury solicitor?

Yes, of course. Fraser and Fraser are here to assist you. Within the first 24 hours we will provide you with an update. This will inform you as to whether it will be possible to determine if there are any heirs, and thus if there will be a need to complete the Government Legal Department’s paperwork.

What happens if you can’t find family?

We will report back to you and send copies of all the documents we have, along with a family tree. We are also more than happy to assist in completing the required Government legal Department paperwork.

Will you look at a file, even if we think there are known family?

We are more than happy to look at any file – with or without family. If there are any known or suspected-known family, we can locate their current address, contact details and confirm their entitlement. If there is money in the estate, we will continue to research the family in hope of reaching an agreement with other possible heirs.

When should I contact Fraser and Fraser?

As soon as you like. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can start work on the assignment and the sooner we can report back to you with our findings. Needless to say, whilst we are working on the case, you are freed up to carry out other tasks.

Can we meet to discuss any particular case?

Yes, we happily meet with our Local Authority clients to set out how we can help whether in general terms or on the facts of a specific case – just ask!

What about data protection?

Data protection is a very important part of our work and we, Local Authority clients, must operate compliantly with GDPR. We welcome the opportunity to support our clients by making available, free of charge, our GDPR-compliant data-sharing agreement. This enables you to share information with us without risking a breach of GDPR. Please see our comprehensive privacy policy to find out more.

How do I contact you?

You can call us on 020 7832 1400 or email us at publicsector@fraserandfraser.co.uk
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