In this session barrister, Charlotte John TEP at Gatehouse Chambers will discuss remedying financial abuse of the elderly. Concerns have recently been raised in regards to the modernising of laws relating to the creation of Lasting Power of Attorney. With the changes made to simplify procedures and reducing fraud, it is unlikely to prevent vulnerable individuals becoming victims of financial abuse.

Charlotte will cover: 


This webinar takes place on Thursday 3rd February 2022. Click here to Register

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“An Overview of Insurance for Estate and Executry Administration ”

with CLS Property Insight (CLS PI), Anthony O’Halan, Chantelle Wren and Savendale’s, Ian Burrell


(Live broadcast 13th January 2022)

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“Estate Planning without a Will”

with Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie – Head of Private Client, Ian Macdonald, hosted by Fraser and Fraser’s John Martin


(Live broadcast 2nd December 2021)

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“GDPR for Empty Homes Officers”

with VWV Solicitor’s Barrister and Data Protection Partner, Vicki Bowles. EHO, Lorraine Moore from Fenland District Council, hosted by Fraser and Fraser’s Nick Beetham


(Live broadcast 21st October 2021)

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“1975 Act Update”

with 5 Stone Buildings – Barrister, Hugh Cumber, hosted by Fraser and Fraser’s Nick Howitt


(Live broadcast 28th October 2021)

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“Trust and Tax Update”

with Irwin Mitchell’s, John Bunker, hosted by Nick Howitt

(Live broadcast 7th October 2021)

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“Online Probate Applications: practical tips on avoiding problems with your application”

with Law Society’s, Ian Bond, hosted by Nick Howitt

(Live broadcast 16th September 2021)

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“Mad, Bad or Sad? Engaging with Hard-to-engage Owners”

with former Empty Homes Network chair Nick Pritchard-Gordon, hosted by Nick Beetham

(Live broadcast 10th June 2021)


Probate for Empty Homes Officers

with Sarah Arundel TEP, of Taylor Fawcett Solicitors, hosted by Nick Beetham

(Live broadcast 1st July 2021)

Discussing how Empty Homes Officers can use the probate process to bring Empty Homes Back Into Use.


Update to the Trusts Register in light of 5 MLD rules

with John D Bunker JLL.B CTA TEP Irwin Mitchell hosted by John Martin

(Live broadcast 6th May 2021)

Expert update on changes to the Trusts register

Empty Homes: National policy, local practice,

with the Empty Homes Network’s Adam Cliff and Action on Empty Homes’ Will McMahon

(Live broadcast 22nd April 2021)

UK’s leading experts on Empty Homes as they discuss national policy and local practice, and advice to help Bring Empty Homes Back Into Use.

Adult Social Care Funding:
topics and tensions
(For the Private Sector. Live broadcast 9th March 2021)

Solicitor, Director at Martin Searle Solicitors and Head of Community Care, Cate Searle talks to legal professionals on the latest legislation in paying for care.

AML Guidance for the
Legal Sector 2021
(Live broadcast March 25th 2021)

Legal Eye’s compliance expert Norman Denton discusses the latest Anti Money Laundering Guidance and what it means for law firms. 

Adult Social Care Funding:
topics and tensions
(For the Public Sector. Live broadcast 25th February 2021)

Expert Cate Searle talks to appointee, deputyship and Court of Protection officers from Local Authorities on the latest legislation in paying for care.

Remote Will
(Live broadcast 11th February 2021)

The Law Society’s Ian Bond, Head of Wills & Estates at Thursfields, talks key legislation changes with Taylor Fawcett’s Sarah Arundel.

CPD Certified

The four common issues with
Estate Administration
(Live broadcast 28th January 2021)

Fraser and Fraser bring Barrister Hugh Cumber back to impart wisdom into the the muddy world of Estate Administration, and how to solve those issues, hosted by Fraser and Fraser’s Nick Howitt.

The tools, tips and techniques to
bring homes back into use

(Live broadcast 14th January 2021)

With Fraser and Fraser‘s Nick Beetham, guest speaker Andrew Lavender explores all of the tools available – including enforcement measures, dealt with sensitively – to bring empty homes back into use.

Reviewing the year in
Contentious Probate
(Live broadcast 26th November 2020)

Fraser and Fraser’s Nick Howitt brings together barrister Hugh Cumber and Moon Beever partners Richard Boulding and Edward Saunders to consider recent events in the area of contentious probate, providing detailed analysis with the use of case studies.

Shining a light on
Insolvent Estates

(Live broadcast 12th November 2020)

Along with Fraser and Fraser‘s Nick BeethamJason Ainge, Simon Boulton and Paul Barber discuss insolvent deceased estates – the threats that can arise, but also the potential opportunities that may exist for practitioners.

Statutory Wills:
Picking apart a case study
(Live broadcast 24th September 2020)

Solicitor Caroline Bielanska and Court of Protection Barrister Barbara Rich discuss Statutory Wills, directing a particularly difficult case and highlighting some key areas to consider.

Trusts and Probate:
Updates in Private Client practice
(Live broadcast 20th October 2020)

John D. Bunker LL.B CTA TEP, discusses recent updates on major changes in Trusts and Probate within Private Client practice.

Ruins to Revenue:
Bringing Empty Homes Back Into Use
(Live broadcast 15th September 2020)

John Martin and Karen Johannesson, from our Scotland and the North England office in Edinburgh, discuss how to get properties back into use, using real case studies from that region.

De-risking deceased files:
A best practice approach

(Live broadcast 23rd July 2020)

Nick Beetham and Gareth Langford talk to those working in Court of Protection, Appointeeship and Deputyship cases about a best-practice approach for swift resolution.

Bona Vacantia webinar:
How to win clients without really trying
(Live broadcast 28th May 2020)

Nick Beetham and Simon Grosvenor talk all things Bona Vacantia, including the generosity of intestacy rules and what you should do if you think an estate is, in fact, ownerless.

Empty Homes webinar:
From Crisis to Council Tax

(Live broadcast 23rd June 2020)

Nick Beetham and Gareth Langford speak to Empty Homes Officers from across the UK, offering advice on some of the their hardest-to-solve cases.