We’re Fraser and Fraser, a professional team of genealogists and international probate researchers, dedicated to tracing missing beneficiaries to unclaimed estates.

With over 90 years of experience, we assist the legal profession with every element of estate administration.







We think you may be legally entitled to a share of an estate

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Who We Work With


We assist the legal profession in all aspects of estate administration, using our expert knowledge to track down missing heirs to unclaimed estates.

Public Sector

Searching for next-of-kin is what we do best, and so offer our support free of charge to the public sector looking to trace relatives.


Heirs and beneficiaries are at the core of our business, as we work on your behalf to bring you an unexpected windfall.

Heir Hunters

You may have seen us on BBC One’s Heir Hunters (since day one!), keeping you involved in the world of probate research, as we trace down heirs to unclaimed estates ahead of the competition.

What they say

“My siblings and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for addressing this matter, and for your patience and dedication to pursuing it.”

Icilda Brown – International Beneficiary

Thank you Vinnie - this is fascinating. That must have taken a lot of hard work on your part! It's just wonderful to see - thank you so much.

Pam Ruediger – Beneficiary

“Thank you very much for your report, and I am pleased to see this has been a successful search. Thank you again for a good service and I am sure I will use you again if required.”

Lindsey Johnson – Partner, Williscroft & Co

“I remain fascinated by the whole process and I still find it hard to believe I was part of it. The money I inherited has been put to good use. My particular thanks to Mr Slee and Mr Hadley who were very kind and helpful.”

Patricia Fothergill – Beneficiary

I would like to thank you for all the research you have done to enable me to receive this money. I feel very privileged to have a Fraser and Fraser portfolio in my possession.

Elaine Strickland – Beneficiary

“I am just writing to say thank you for your involvement in sorting out our family tree. Thank you for all your hard work on this case, and thanks to your team. I’ve enjoyed watching the television episodes of Fraser and Fraser very much and so I’ve been absolutely delighted to find myself on the receiving end.”

Suzannah White – Beneficiary

I would like to thank everyone concerned for all of the hard work by them and for the information given to me. I have since then been able to meet with various relatives who I have not seen for many years. Wonderful!

Audrey Hockney – Beneficiary

“I wish to thank you most sincerely for the advice, as to where the devoted couple are resting forever. Your information eased my mind, and hopefully one day soon I will visit the church. Thank you.”

Sheila Grosse – Beneficiary
Sandra Dixton

Please pass on to the Case Manager, my personal thanks for keeping me well informed during the fairly lengthy administration period that Estates of this type necessarily generate.”

Sandra Dixon – Beneficiary

“I thank you for your letter and compliment both you and your team for your skill and perseverance.”

Patricia Wilson – Beneficiary