Transferring Canadian and US shares
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Dan Willoughby dies in January 2016 in London and his last Will and Testament was probated, a Grant bring issued to the named executor of his estate John Thomas.

As the personal representative of Dan Willoughby, John Thomas contacted Fraser and Fraser regarding shares which formed part of the estate. There were $3,000 worth of Evolution Petroleum Corporation shares and TransGlobe Energy Corporation shares worth $8,000. In order to deal with the sale of these holdings, John Thomas executor of the estate first had to transfer the shares.

The transfer agent Computershare Canada required that their signed securities transfer form in relation to the TransGlobe Energy Corporation shares be guaranteed by an eligible guarantor and similarly Continental Stock Transfer & Trust provided John Thomas with an Irrevocable Stock Power Form requiring a guarantee signature. An eligible guarantor would be a member of one of the acceptable Signature Guarantee Medallion Programs (STAMP, SEMP, NY SEMP).

Being a member of the STAMP program, Fraser and Fraser were able to apply the required Medallion Signature Guarantee stamps to the applicable forms. These forms were required by the transfer agents to transfer the $11,000 worth of holdings to the executor who then arranged their subsequent sale so that the proceeds could be distributed in line with the Will.

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