Fraser and Fraser are a firm of international probate researchers – we’re in the business of tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries to unclaimed estates. In fact, we have been uniting heirs with long lost or unknown assets and supporting the legal profession with estate administration for over 90 years. We’re also well known as heir hunters, thanks to BBC One’s hit morning show.

What is probate research?

Probate research is the process of identifying, locating and tracing missing or unknown beneficiaries to estates. When someone dies without making an adequate Will, probate laws govern who will inherit.

What’s our job?

Our task as probate researchers consists of tracing people who are entitled to a share of an estate. If they are named in a Will but cannot be found, we work to discover their whereabouts. When there is no Will and that person has died intestate, we delve into their family history to enable us to find their next-of-kin.

How does it work?

Probate research revolves around genealogy and the process of showing different family relationships to prove the right for our clients to inherit from a deceased person. By starting with the present and working backwards in someone’s family history, we can build a solid family tree based on historical records to prove relationships and identify next-of-kin.

Got any questions?

We’re always happy to answer your questions. Check out our FAQ or feel free to get in touch.


The Administration of Estates Act (1925) determines that the order of entitlement is as follows*:

*Based on an estate not exceeding £250,000 where the death was on or after 1 Feb, 2009