The concept of “Making History” is to help children explore their family history and use their own discoveries to inspire them about history. It is a schools project supported by academic experts, celebrities and professionals in their chosen field. Students taking part in the project become real life researchers or “detectives” in the process!  The final aim is for the children to produce a five minute film documenting their discoveries, journey or even just a single event . We all believe “Everybody Has A Story”, and it is this story that we hope acts as the inspiration to make further discoveries. The project opens up a world of personal historical & cultural discovery for students using advanced digital technology and enables them to tell their story through film, creating their own unique historical legacy.

Making history is a project Fraser and Fraser are proud to be a part of. It was the brain child of Colin McFarlane, a British actor famed for his role as Police Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Colin is also in the latest series of Dr Who and is the voice of “The Cube” on the ITV game show. For Colin this project is a labour of love.

This idea has taken 5 years to develop in to the project it is today,and we are now hoping to role it out to more schools.


How it all began

Hartsholme Primary school explain how it is done

Making history started in 2011 with just 5 schools and 35 students. This helped to produce the first pilot, but also highlighted just how much work was needed to make an educational project.
Fraser and Fraser became involved in 2015 when Colin personally approached us asking for support. From our first conversation and subsequent meeting it became clear to Neil Fraser that this was not just a brilliant idea that we should support, but a truly inspirational project that we wanted to work on to help, but above all be part of. Neil has said that “this is the once in a lifetime project that we all wait to come along. A project that I know we can really help, that may inspire a generation” Fraser and Fraser agreed at the first meeting that all our time would be pro bona and the project could have access to whomever they wanted to help. The 2015 project is the 2nd pilot that has learnt from the 2011 pilot but also been ramped up in size with 13 schools in Lincoln and London and about 350 students.

Fraser and Fraser, have committed not to charge for any time we spend assisting with the project. We will provide back up to all those students who hit a brick wall with research and also assist in the training of staff and students. For the 2015, pilot Neil Fraser visited 12 of the schools and led a session with his able assistant Kate McFarlane (who runs the whole project) with both staff and pupils. This was the first time Neil had stepped in to a classroom in over 20 years. He described it as both “incredibly frightening” and “the most rewarding thing he had ever done”. It was then over to the children who with a little help from Fraser and Fraser’s Gareth Langford when he was needed, were able to build family trees, incredibly quickly when you think they had never done it before.

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The final showcase at the The BFI in London was inspirational and thrilling to be part of.  For further information on “Making History” please visit the official webpage

2015 montage

Grasmere Primary School, Hackney London

The 2011 Pilot