Asset Searches – do you go the extra mile?

Jack Andrews was born in 1893 in Norfolk, England. In 1933, a long way from his English roots, he married…


Heirs around the world

Family history scrap book

Australia, America, Spain, Thailand – these are all top locations for Brits to immigrate to, spreading generations of families around…


Factors to consider when deciding to use a genealogist

Genealogy research cost

Your Requirements  – The first thing to consider is exactly what assistance you need and the desired results. In addition…


Estate administration: the complete package

When it comes to estate administration, it is vital to ensure that nothing is overlooked. On contracting Fraser and Fraser’s…


A Quick Guide to Medallion Signature Guarantees

If you are transferring or selling US/Canadian securities such as stocks or bonds, you will naturally want to take all…


How Missing Beneficiaries Are Found

Searching for long lost family

For genealogists and international probate researchers, a core element of their work is finding missing beneficiaries to unclaimed estates. You…


Fraser and Fraser welcomes Emma Wilkins

Fraser and Fraser would like to welcome Emma Wilkins to the company.  Since completing her degree in 2012, Emma has…


Fraser and Fraser welcomes Michael Pettifor

We are proud to announce Michael Pettifor has joined the firm in our London office. Michael has a background in…


How The New Inheritance Tax Rules Will Affect Your Clients

How The New Inheritance Tax Rules Will Affect Your Clients In the 2015/16 tax year, the Treasury brought in £4.7…


Heir Hunters returns to BBC1 for Series 11

Series 11 of the popular BBC television show, Heir Hunters returns to our screens this week, beginning with the tale…


The Importance of Regulation in the Genealogy & Probate Research Industry

Recently, the genealogy and probate research industry established a new regulatory body – the Association of Probate Researchers (APR). The…


10 Steps To Building Your Family Tree

Fraser and Fraser heir hunter

Our case managers show you their top tips on how to start researching your family history


The Pitfalls of DIY Wills

DIY Wills

DIY Wills are a popular option nowadays, and perhaps it’s easy to see why. They’re incredibly cheap (sometimes as little…


TV heir hunters’ search

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George Marshall Millen chose to spend the last years of his life in a shed on the Scotland Bridge Lock,…