People across England and Wales are being asked to nominate an abandoned Victorian building for inclusion on the Victorian Society’s Top 10 Endangered Buildings 2020 list.

The annual event focuses on derelict buildings that might otherwise be scheduled for demolition or face slipping further into decay.

Griff Rhys-Jones, president of the Victorian Society, said: “The Top 10 Endangered Buildings List really matters. When a serious case of arson happened in Ipswich docks this year, one of the reasons that the story gained traction was because the Victorian Society had highlighted the parlous state of the Tolly Cobbold Brewery in their annual Top 10 List.”

Last year’s list included a wide-ranging array of Victorian ingenuity and imagination, ranging from schools to tunnels, that members of the public felt needed to be noticed, recognised and preserved.

Mr Rees-Jones added: “The Victorian legacy is still under threat and this is an opportunity to help the Society get well-deserved public support for its hard and unceasing work.”

The Society says its campaign aims to bring largely forgotten buildings into the public sphere while also using the publicity generated to try and alter their fate for the better. It also stresses the list is not based on a voting system – there is no benefit to a building being nominated more than once.

Suggestions should be submitted to with the year, location, and why the building deserves to be included. Nominated buildings must be dated between 1837 and 1914, and situated in either England or Wales. Deadline for nominations is Friday 17 July and the final Top 10 list will be announced on Tuesday 15 September.