The most popular baby names of 2021 so far have been revealed in a report from parenting website Baby Centre, with Lily taking the No1 spot for girls and Muhammad remaining top for boys

Sophia and Olivia remained in the top five for girls with Noah and Oliver similarly popular for boys.

Baby Centre told the Mirror that Lily had been gaining popularity for years prior to finally making it to the top of the list.

It may now be there for some time; especially following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to call their first daughter Lilibet (Lily for short) in honour of the Queen’s childhood nickname.

In keeping with the royal trend Elizabeth is back in the top 100 for the first time in years, while Archie has climbed two places to number 12.

Some other popular names from past decades also made a comeback, with John returning to the top 100 and Edward, Eliza and William all seeing a rise in popularity.