Being a responsible business is a key part to our success and continued longevity. How we conduct our business, how we interact with the community, manage our environmental impact and treat our employees is as important as the business we do.
We define our approach to social responsibility in 4 ways:

Business principles

Did you know that we are a leading organisation for driving change in our industry?

We are founding members of the Association of Probate Researchers (APR), a membership body of the Paralegal Probate Register (PPR). We helped to develop the APR Code of practice and we adhere to these standards within the firm.  All of our case managers are PPR registered and regulated by them.
Even though this sector is unregulated, we make sure we keep standards at the very highest.

Environmental Management

Did you know that we are a carbon neutral firm?

We track our carbon footprint – with the type of work that we do, we’re largely office based. Although we travel to see our clients too, we are always mindful of mileage and most of the cars used are ultra-low emission.

We started replacing all the lights in our offices with energy-efficient LEDs in 2005 and for the last couple of years have been fully-LED lit. We use ‘thin client’ computers and hypervisor servers that means we’re keeping our carbon footprint as low as we can and continue to look for ways to reduce it further.

Our footprint is made up of electricity and gas to power our offices, and the fuel in our cars. In 2019/20 our carbon emissions were 45 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (meaning we take all greenhouse gases into account).  We offset these emissions with carbon offsets purchased from Climate Care – one of the leading credible offset providers in the world.

We recycle our waste too, paper, plastic and glass predominately – and we continue to look for ways to recycle more.  We’ve put recycling bins at every office desk to encourage more waste to go in those rather than the general waste bin – which we keep deliberately out of reach!

charitable work

We believe supporting charities close to our heart is the right thing to do. Our employees like to get involved in initiatives to raise funds and it gives them a sense of pride that we match fund their efforts.

We have previously supported our corporate charity, the RNLI, and this year we are proud to be partnering with the Alzheimer’s Society for our Charity of the Year, beginning 1st October 2020.


Did you know that much of our work is done on a pro-bono basis?

That might be with local authorities who ask us to find the rightful owner of an empty house or when we’re asked to put our genealogy research skills to the test to help find loved ones lost during war time for example.

See our Public Sector pages for more information about how we support local authorities.


Did you know our staff stay here for over 8 years on average?

Many start straight from school and go on to develop their careers here.  We’ve fostered a friendly feel – a family feel almost – to our family firm.  We want people to be happy and enjoy their work, if so then they’ll do the best job for our customers.

There’s a good mix of people at Fraser and Fraser, resulting in the diversity of thought that comes from people with a range of backgrounds. In a staff diversity survey conducted in 2020*: 60% of our staff identify as female or agenda; 40% come from a non-university background; 20% from BAME communities; and 80% attended state-funded schools.

*Fraser and Fraser Diversity Survey conducted in August 2020, completed by 50 of our 70 staff