Last year more people wrote a will following Prince Phillip’s admittance to hospital than any other day of the year.

According to new figures, the Duke of Edinburgh’s admittance to hospital in February 2021 led to an upsurge in the number of Wills produced increased by 131 per cent.

The Week News states this ‘Royal Effect’ was seen again on 22 October 2021 when the Queen went into hospital, with a further 26 per cent increase in Will writing.

Other events which saw an increase in Will writing included Sir Captain Tom Moore when he was receiving treatment for Covid-19 which saw an increase of 39 per cent. The pandemic also played a key role in Will writing, there was an increase following the announcement from the Prime Minister of the Omicron ‘tidal wave’ on 12 December. 26 per cent of Brits said the pandemic made them more aware of their mortality and 14 per cent said spikes in cases made them concerned they were not prepared for death.

Despite this upward trend in Will writing, a study conducted by OnePoll found 40 per cent of Britons have still not written a Will. A fifth say they don’t like to think of death, 17 per cent think they are too young, and more than a third ‘haven’t got round to it’.

A poll of 2,000 UK adults also found 32 per cent said they rarely considered their own mortality unless prompted by the death of others, and seeing someone of the same age or younger pass away was particularly impactful.

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