Regulatory body the Legal Services Board (LSB) may suggest changes to the list of reserved activities that only authorised lawyers can perform, in a bid to help the profession recover from the coronavirus crisis.

The Legal Services Act 2007 refers to six reserved legal activities: the exercise of rights of audience; the conduct of litigation; reserved instrument activities (dealing with the transfer of land or property under specific legal provisions); probate activities; notarial activities; and the administration of oaths.

In 2013, the then Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling rejected an LSB recommendation to add will-writing to the list.

The LSB is now considering looking at a range of possible alterations, the Legal Futures website reports.

The LSB stated: “The aim of this proposed action is to make best use of the [Legal Services] Act to aid sector recovery by creating a more liberal, flexible, risk-based regulatory framework.

“For example, the current situation presents some clear and present risks to consumers that will need to be managed. At the same time, the sector is showing its agility and finding new and innovative ways of reaching consumers and providing services. The disruption should also therefore present opportunities to develop and embed new and innovative ways of working in the longer term that could help to address unmet legal need.”

In addition, a review into legal services regulation, led by University College London academic Professor Stephen Mayson, is also expected to recommend changes to the current list of reserved activities.