We help Client Finance, Appointeeship & Deputyship and Court of Protection Officers

The role of Local Authority Client Finance and Appointeeship & Deputyship Officers is to administer the finances of people who lack the capacity to do so themselves. As a rule, when their clients pass away, the Local Authority’s role comes to an end. Where your deceased client has accumulated a balance of funds, you’ll need to pay them to the executors on the deceased’s will (if they’ve left one), or to their next of kin (if they haven’t). Sometimes Officers are unable to dispose of the funds because they have no knowledge of the executors or next of kin and this can result in the Council holding funds for months or, in some cases, years.

We deal with these cases routinely, at no cost to the Council

We do this by identifying and locating the executors or next of kin and obtaining where necessary a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration) so you can be sure you’re paying the funds to the right people and can close the file permanently. In the highly unlikely event there’s no surviving relative entitled to the funds you’re holding, we can complete the formalities and refer the matter to the relevant Bona Vacantia authorities on your behalf.

help with appointeeship & deputyship cases

  • Working with the Public Sector since 1969
  • Free-of-charge next of kin identification and location services
  • No charge to the Public Sector
  • We enable you to dispose of balances you’re holding on behalf of your deceased clients and reduce risk accordingly
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