Earl Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana, plans to leave his family’s Althorp estate to his son, rather than his eldest daughter, Kitty.

The thrice-married earl has seven children aged between 28 and seven.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, he said he would probably follow the practice of male-preference primogeniture, a system by which titles and properties are inherited by the eldest son.

This would mean that the family’s Northamptonshire estate would likely be passed on to 25-year-old Louis Spencer, rather than his three older daughters, Kitty (28), and twins Eliza and Amelia (27).

The decision would be in contrast to the Royal Family’s approach, reflected in the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, whereby princes no longer take precedence over their sisters.

The case highlights potentially complicated issues in succession planning and could potentially lead to a costly argument should Earl Spencer’s daughters disagree with any decision that is made.