Signing Last Will and TestamentDIY Wills are a popular option nowadays, and perhaps it’s easy to see why.

They’re incredibly cheap (sometimes as little as £10), easy to get hold of and pretty straight forward to use.
However, there are a myriad of disadvantages that comes along with this and below are just some to keep in mind before making the commitment.

Poor wording
If you don’t have the proper legal training, DIY Wills can be a minefield. If your wording is incorrect or unclear, you run the risk of your wishes not being fulfilled. This can be from something as simple as writing you want everything you own to go to ‘my wife’, without including her full name for clarification. Provisions are also vital.

DIY Wills are often incorrectly signed and witnessed, which leads to them ultimately being invalid. One common problem is that partners accidentally sign their name in the wrong place, leaving their other halves with nothing. This is where the presence of an official is beneficial, as they ensure mishaps are avoided.

If you own property abroad, you have foreign investments, or you own a business, then we’d strongly advise that you seek assistance when you it comes to drafting your Will. You want to make sure everything goes to the right person, and complex scenarios aren’t easily catered for in the one-fits-all DIY option.

Expert advice
A Will is a legal document, and, as such, legal advice should be sought when you’re in the process of drawing one up. Whether your Will is simple or multifaceted, the advice that a professional can give you is invaluable. It will ensure that no silly mistakes are made, and that your loved ones will be well looked after when the time comes.

If you choose to use a DIY Will, then any mistakes that are made are yours and yours alone. This can make things very difficult for your family members, as the law then decides whom your money and property goes to. To avoid these sorts of problems, always consult an expert.

If you’re looking for somebody who has recently been named in a will, but has gone missing, then Fraser and Fraser can provide the probate research necessary to identify and trace them. To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.