People are increasingly embracing online legal services, but still appreciate face-to-face contact, according to a survey released this week (30 July).

The research, commissioned by the Legal Services Consumer Panel, reports that one-third of legal services are now delivered online, compared to 21% when the survey began in 2011.

Face-to-face service accounts for 45% of the total, while legal services accessed by post have fallen from 16% in 2012 to 8% in 2019, the Law Society Gazette reports.

Consumers remain largely happy with what they’re receiving, with 87% of those surveyed saying they were satisfied with the outcome of their legal matter and 84% satisfied with the service they received.

Those using a service for will writing, power of attorney and conveyancing had the highest rates of satisfaction.

The concept of shopping around for the best deal is finding less traction, however, with just 28% saying they did this when choosing a legal services provider.

Sarah Chambers, chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel, said: ‘The uptake of new technology is a real opportunity to mitigate some of the gaps in access to justice caused by the severe decline in public and charitable funding streams.’

The survey questioned 3,500 people who had used legal services in the past two years.