• Working in partnership with The Property Ladder Group (PLG) to provide professional assistance with property sales. PLG ensure an efficient and compliant service across the UK, specialising in matters such as Probate and Court of Protection.
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  • The most valuable asset to many estates is often the property, making it vital to ensure all probate property matters are covered.
  • We can offer help whether you’re dealing with one property or a complex portfolio.
  • One of our Partners, Andrew Fraser, is a Chartered Surveyor and oversees all of our probate property management cases.

Probate Valuations

  • We provide an accurate report on the valuation of the property you are dealing with, providing vital information in order to sell. This involves at least two local agents giving their expert opinion on price and market conditions.
  • Cost: From £195 + VAT
  • If the property is sold through our partners, our report is free.

Empty Property Insurance

  • We can arrange the best insurance for you, as well as replace existing policies invalidated by the property remaining unoccupied. This will protect the property against unforeseeable events.
  • Cost: £75 per month (inc. Insurance Premium Tax) for properties with a reinstatement value of up to £500,000.

Property Management and Security

  • Need to ensure the property is secure and fit for viewings? Leave it to us – we can arrange clearance and cleaning, organise lock changes and add in required alarm systems to maximise selling potential.
  • Cost: Quotes are provided on a case by case basis.

Probate Sales

  • We’re quick and efficient when it comes to managing the sale of a property. We choose estate agents carefully and will coordinate the communication between you and the buyer’s solicitor, their agent and financial adviser to minimise the risk of the sale falling through.
  • Cost: 1.75% + VAT (minimum fee of £2,000)

Energy Performance Certificate

  • As a UK requirement, we can supply reports that provide suggestions on how the property could be altered to improve its energy and carbon emission rating.
  • Cost: £65+ VAT