Fraser and Fraser can obtain on your behalf:

  • UK birth, marriage and death certificates (dating back to 1837 in England and Wales, and 1855 in Scotland)
  • Adoption certificates (dating back to 1927 in England and Wales, and 1930 in Scotland)
  • Registered civil partnership certificates (dating back to 2005 in England and Wales, and 2004 in Scotland)
  • Wills and Grants of Representation (dating back to 1858)
  • Decree Absolute (dating back to 1857) and;
  • Overseas certificates


  • A quick and efficient way to obtain the documents and certificates you need when working a case.
  • Avoid the time consuming task of searching through public records.


Certificate (at cost):
Current GRO for England and Wales + hourly charge for research time



4 (working) day service*
1 (working) day service*

*Photocopy of original followed by original, delivered via Royal Mail as soon as possible afterwards