• Helps to prove transferability of a Nil Rate Band allowance by sourcing relevant documentation as evidence, in relation to the Finance Act (2008).
  • If someone dies after 9th October 2007, it’s possible to transfer any unused portion of a deceased spouse or civil partner’s inheritance tax, also known as the Nil Rate Band.
  • To qualify, the HMRC requires executors or personal representative of the second spouse or civil partner to produce documentary evidence to prove they predeceased them.


  • Can obtain the predeceased partner’s death certificate, probate (or statement that none was found) and marriage certificate in a quick and efficient way.
  • We can help you bypass the time consuming task of searching through public records.


Certificate (at cost): current GRO for England and Wales.



4 (working) day service*
1 (working) day service*

* Photocopy of original delivered via Royal Mail to follow.