The Law Society of England and Wales has launched a campaign focused on helping the legal profession play its part in getting the economy back on track in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Entitled, Return, Restart and Recovery, the campaign is designed to help solicitors and firms return to their offices safely; assist them in contributing to restarting the economy; and empowering solicitors and firms to drive the recovery after coronavirus.

“Solicitors are ready, willing and able to play their role in helping Britain’s economy and society to recover from this pandemic,” said Simon Davis, president of the Law Society.

“We want to build resilience in our communities by making justice accessible to all,” he added. “This can be achieved by ensuring employment tribunals are properly and sustainably funded in a way that protects the rights of workers and employers to access the tribunal – without reinstating issue fees, as well as committing to ending legal aid deserts.

“We need to ensure everyone in this country is able to access legal advice when they need it and make sure they are equipped to help rebuild their local communities after coronavirus. Properly funding the legal aid system and restarting the review of the legal aid means test to enable fairer and wider access for legal aid support, is also vital.”