The Law Society of England and Wales has called for the new Conservative government to prioritise repairing Britain’s creaking justice system and to stand up for the rule of law.

In a statement released last week, Society president David Greene said: “Years of under-funding have led to crumbling courts, a crisis in criminal justice and growing numbers of vulnerable people refused legal aid and unable to enforce their rights.”

He added that Britain was in danger of losing its reputation for justice and fairness if urgent action wasn’t taken. “Access to justice for all is a cornerstone of the rule of law and our values – the stakes have rarely been higher.”

The Law Society is calling on the government swiftly to put in place a number of measures, including bringing back legal aid for early advice from solicitors in housing and family matters, and to increase the legal aid means tests thresholds so that more people can access the justice system to enforce their rights.

The Society also wants to see the government negotiate a deal that allows lawyers to continue to practise and base themselves in the EU.

Mr Greene said: “To preserve the legal sector’s strong economic contribution to UK plc after Brexit, the government will need to ensure mutual market access for lawyers across the EU.”