The Primrose Court housing estate in Huyton, Liverpool, is mostly abandoned.

A 58-year old man has spoken candidly to the Liverpool Echo about the reality of life inside a mostly-abandoned housing estate in Huyton, a Liverpool suburb.

Khaled Baleid has been living in the Primrose Court housing estate since November 2019 and says the area is home to a good community, and deserves a new lease of life.

Baleid purchased his first property at auction for just £42,000, and has since bought the property next door, which he plans to renovate.

He said:

“Since I came here there’s been a very low number of crimes. It’s a good area. The neighbours are good people.”

The 18 house estate has fallen victim to crime and fly tipping in recent years and many of the houses have been left derelict. 

According to Baleid however, the area has potential:

“Everybody living here is nice and friendly. I’m going to stay here. If it’s not safe I would run away but it is – I’ve bought the property next door.”

He urged Knowsley Council to take possession of the empty properties which are privately owned, and sell them at a low cost to people who will commit to renovating them, and improve the area:

“The houses that have been left should be taken by the council to court and sold or given to somebody who’s going to live in the area, not rent it to somebody else.”

A council spokesperson said:

“The Council does not own any of the properties in Primrose Court and they are all privately owned.

“We would however be happy to facilitate discussions between the current owners and any interested landlords, housing associations, or other organisations.”

Image: Andrew Teebay/Liverpool Echo

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