Heir Hunters is a BBC One daytime TV program focuses on the attempts to find missing or unknown heirs. Fraser and Fraser are proud to say that we have been involved in every series, in fact we are the only firm to have been.

Heir Hunters started filming in 2005 although the first series was not broadcast till June 2007, since then there have been 11 additional series, with the 12th series broadcast in April 2018. The programs have all been 45 minutes long. The next part of series 12 is expected to  fill the 11.00am slot on BBC1 starting early August. It has had consistent record viewing figures regularly having more viewers than all other show in the original slot of 9.15am – 10am.

Transparency is important to us as a company, it must be for us to open our doors to millions of viewers as we search and go about our daily jobs.

Heir Hunters isn’t something we are paid for; it’s about letting you see into the world of probate research, and sharing some of the amazing stories.

Are you an Heir Hunters fan? Have you seen a case you think you may have information on? Get in touch today.

The unclaimed appeals cases that are included in every program are one of the most popular sections, Fraser and Fraser have a list of these that include if they have been solved since the program was broadcasted and our estimated on the value of the case. For more details see the heir hunters appeals series 1-12 page.

Series 9 (2015)

Series 8 (2014)

Series 7 (2013)

Series 6 (2012)

Series 5 (2011)

Series 4 (2010)

Series 3 (2009)