Series 11 of the popular BBC television show, Heir Hunters returns to our screens this week, beginning with the tale of avid football fan Frank Paget.

 The new series follows the work of probate researchers as they race to find unknown heirs to unclaimed estates. Highlighted cases within this series include the story of a woman who survived the Blitz to become a singer in the 1950s London Jazz scene, and a bus scheduler who worked for 50 years and a day whose father served in the Royal Observer Corps.

Each of the below cases were investigated by the team at Fraser & Fraser who managed to uncover the thrilling life tales behind each case. Learn not only about the lives behind the cases but delve into the past history of our nation from WWI, to the strike which led to the Equal Pay Act and a major motion film.

The new series of Heir Hunters begins Monday 27th February at 11:00 am.

Episode guide:

Frank Paget: Monday 27th Feb at 11:00 am

Follow the search for the heirs of Frank Paget who is descended from a transient population whose cases are notoriously hard to research.

Douglas McMurrich: Tuesday 28th Feb at 11:00 am

A case with a large Scottish family and a very common last name is uncovered through connections within the laundry industry.

David Brown: Wednesday 1st March at 11:00 am

One of the biggest cases in Fraser and Fraser’s history about a solitary man who grew up in one of the most active fishing ports on the East coast of Fife in Scotland.

John Wilson: Friday 3rd March at 11:00 am

Follow our journey to find the heirs of a bus enthusiast who lived in his property for at least 34 years through a quite unexpected provision in a will.

Rosina Skudder: Monday 6th March at 11:00 am

Fraser and Fraser investigate a case about a woman who survived the Blitz to become a singer in the 1950s Jazz scene.

John Theodoridi: Tuesday 7th March at 11:00 am

The search is on for the descendants of one of London’s early Tobacco Merchants.

Peter Dippie: Wednesday 8th March at 11:00 am

We follow the trail for relatives of a former Marine Engineer who worked on the HMS Abdiel which was assigned to clear one of the most important man-made waterways in the world.

Keith Jones: Thursday 9th March at 11:00 am

A search for half siblings uncovers one man’s role in the battle for Naval Superiority in WWII.

Raymond Haddon: Friday 10th March at 11:00 am

The team try to uncover the relatives of the son of a silk worker who worked for one of the largest and biggest silk weavers in the country.


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