Heir hunters, UNCLAIMED appeals

For over 10 years we have been working with Flame TV and the BBC to help create one of the hit daytime television programmes, the Heir Hunters series. There has been an appeal section in every programme. These appeals are snippets into our world, listing unclaimed estates that still remain unsolved. This part of the programme is one of the most popular with its dedicated followers just waiting to see if their family name comes up or someone from their hometown who they may have known.

We receive hundreds of enquiries about these cases, often just saying they have the same surname as the deceased, but occasionally providing us with some critical clue and helping us solve a case.

There have been 12 series of Heir Hunters broadcast. The first programme went out on 4th of June 2007, although this was filmed about 18 months before and was held back, awaiting for the correct time to launch. Fraser and Fraser are the only firm to have appeared in every series of the programme. Some firms who are the biggest fans now were avid critics of the original programmes, threatening court action to try and stop it being broadcast.

With the help of Flame TV, our firm has reviewed all 12 series to look at the unsolved appeal cases and produced a definitive list of all the cases. After examining the Bona Vacantia List to see what cases have been solved, we checked our own database to add an estate value.

So far, a whopping 55% of all the appeals have been solved, with series 3 (broadcasted in 2009) having over 3/4 of all the cases solved. However there is still almost  £20 Million worth of cases waiting to be solved and the money taken back from the Government.

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Broadcast Date:- 4 June 2007 – 22 June 2007

Deceased Date of Death Value
Ivy Mary Barnes 23/01/2002 £170,000.00
Raymond William Bennett  solvedSolved
William Bradley  solvedSolved
Anne O’Brien  solvedSolved
Robert Chatterton 03/06/2001 £100,000.00
Frederick John Chesters solvedSolved
Kathleen Susan Clarke solvedSolved
Michael John Colman solvedSolved
Frederick Coetzee 01/05/1992 £190,000.00
Susan Ann Cook 24/05/2002 £200,000.00
Glyn Quentin Davis solvedSolved
Kenneth Earl Dawson 03/05/2000 £20,000.00
Michael Delaney 25/06/2000 £45,000.00
Henri Delorme 03/03/2003 £150,000.00
Irma Erna Dolan solvedSolved
Peter Willoughby Eberall 30/08/2004 £800,000.00
Henry Joseph Eves solvedSolved
Ziedonis Elcis solvedSolved
Louis Peter Fleming solvedSolved
Gladys Olive Graland solvedSolved
Patricia Hackett 08/03/2003 £400,000.00
Marlene Hall 22/04/2000 £100,000.00
Kathleen Hamer solvedSolved
Norman Sylvester Hamilton 24/08/2002 £300,000.00
Michael George Harrison 21/04/2000 £20,000.00
Raymond Michael Hart solvedSolved
Francis John Hookham 09/03/2002 £25,000.00
Violet Margaret Hopkins solvedSolved
Ivy Margarite Hudson 03/11/2003 £25,000.00
Anthony Michael Hughes 17/08/2002 £27,000.00
Pauline Elizabeth Hughes 13/12/2001 £12,000.00
Justin George Johnson 31/03/2003 £400,000.00
Ellis Powell Jones 10/08/1998 £800,000.00
Robert John Jones solvedSolved
Emily Kadikis solvedSolved
John Graham Kendall 13/12/2000 £500,000.00
Harry Richard Kemp solvedSolved
Stanislaw Kobylanski 10/01/2004 £140,000.00
Ronald Arthur Ladyman 22/10/2002 £210,000.00
Eda Jane Lawson solvedSolved
Winifred Leonard solvedSolved
Jacqueline Lefebvre  solvedSolved
Audrey Margarite Lovett solvedSolved
Lilian Malone 10/08/2004 £34,000.00
Edgar Rolf Mandelstam 22/01/2001 £500,000.00
Benjamin Roy Mantle 02/09/2002 £25,000.00
Ethel Daphne Mare 21/05/2003 £150,000.00
Geoffrey Marston 29/08/2002 £1,000,000.00
Kenneth Middleton 08/01/2002 £85,000.00
Eileen Sybil Morris solvedSolved
John Norman solvedSolved
William Thomas O’Donnell 06/11/2002 £40,000.00
Joseph Melvin Parry 06/02/2003 £300,000.00
Reginald James Pearce solvedSolved
Joseph Charles Robinson solvedSolved
Muhidin Rossim 10/04/2000 £20,000.00
Millicent Routledge solvedSolved
David Stephen Russell solvedSolved
John Aloysius Tynan 25/07/2002 £72,000.00
Robert Anthony Scoates 30/01/2001 £100,000.00
Harold Squirrell solvedSolved
Jean Mary Stirrups 25/04/2002 £150,000.00
Robert Richard Stone 22/04/2003 £30,000.00
Gladys Evelyn Surgey 13/12/2002 £180,000.00
Mary Ethel Tarrant  solvedSolved
Edna Walsh Taylor 25/06/2003 £200,000.00
Beryl Joyce Tranter 29/03/2000 £100,000.00
Michael Thomas Watson 08/02/2002 £200,000.00
Harry Wictorowitz solvedSolved
Iris Mary Woodfine 05/08/2002 £39,000.00
Herbert Fallows Worsnop 03/03/2001 £800,000.00
Ethel Yates solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £8,659,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 44.4%

Broadcast Date:- 30 June 2008 to 25 July 2008

Deceased Date of Death Value
Josephine Arundell solvedSolved
Leroy Banton 07/09/2004 £29,000.00
Peggy Joan Bateman solvedSolved
Maurice Roy Bell solvedSolved
Lina Berte 06/06/2005 £65,000.00
Robert Brown solvedSolved
Boris Bilokon solvedSolved
Sarah Blygh solvedSolved
Michael Howard Brazier 14/04/2006 £50,000.00
Muriel Brooks  solvedSolved
Joyce Butler 16/02/2006 £40,000.00
Joyce Dorothy Clements solvedSolved
Kevin Coleman solvedSolved
Angela Maria Comi 25/07/2006 £23,000.00
Leila Connell 05/05/2005 £20,000.00
Kathleen Marian Coomer solvedSolved
Elsie May Cullen solvedSolved
Patrick Cunningham 27/08/2005 £140,000.00
Lillian Anne Dennis  solvedSolved
Kathleen Anne Delaney solvedSolved
Richard Douglas 11/03/2005 £33,000.00
Betty Gordon-Doyle solvedSolved
Albinas Dulinskas solvedSolved
Kenneth George Edwards solvedSolved
Kevin Edward Elsdon 24/12/2005 £18,000.00
Stuart Trevor Ensign solvedSolved
Peter Morgan Evans solvedSolved
Gerald Ford solvedSolved
William Forde solvedSolved
Peggy Louise Glover 16/10/2005 £50,000.00
Joan Gordon  solvedSolved
John Goring 05/06/2006 £85,000.00
Mark Green  solvedSolved
Edgar Arthur Guest 01/03/2005 £34,000.00
Richard Gunn solvedSolved
Sylvia Anne Hall solvedSolved
Valerie Hawkins solvedSolved
Heldor Hermann 26/07/2004 £118,000.00
Theresa Hirschberg 26/07/2006 £17,000.00
Derek Hood 03/02/2007 £44,000.00
Beryl Joan Hudson 14.07.2006 £18,000.00
Doreen Hudson solvedSolved
William Isles  solvedSolved
Mustafa Kamal solvedSolved
William Arthur Kerridge solvedSolved
Oskar Klaviers 14/02/2007 £114,000.00
Patrick Kielly solvedSolved
Pearl Fay Knightsfield 16/01/2006 £22,000.00
Anne Elizabeth Mary James 11/03/2005 £40,000.00
Ethel James 31/07/2005 £160,000.00
Valdrick James 25/10/2004 £19,000.00
John Jones 03/12/2003 £20,000.00
John Leslie Law solvedSolved
John Lawrence  solvedSolved
Pattie Fenella Lawson solvedSolved
Emma May Leach 27/12/2006 £193,000.00
Renee Levy 08/10/2005
George Stephen Lewis  solvedSolved
Robert Wardle Lyle solvedSolved
Minnie Frances Marsh solvedSolved
John Martin  solvedSolved
William Mason solvedSolved
Mieczyslaw solvedSolved
Kenneth McDonald solvedSolved
Ellen McDonald solvedSolved
Norah Mcorry  solvedSolved
William Craney Meehan 04/06/2005 £19,000.00
Robert Hayes Moore solvedSolved
Michael O’Carroll  06/04/2006 £24,000.00
Jacqueline Owen solvedSolved
Vera Hazel Mary Page solvedSolved
Arthur Colin Parker solvedSolved
Albert Edward Pettit solvedSolved
Alphonsine Pinier 28/10/2005 £18,000.00
Richard John Henry Powell  solvedSolved
Emilio Sixto Jimenez-Puig solvedSolved
Frank Reeve 07/02/2007 £40,000.00
David John Hugh Roberts solvedSolved
Ethel Roberts  solvedSolved
Norman Chadwick Roberts solvedSolved
Monika Rohrberg 27/10/2006 £27,000.00
Francis Ryan 26/12/2006 £55,000.00
John Joseph Ryan 09/09/2005 £34,000.00
Edward William Simpkins solvedSolved
David Shepherd solvedSolved
Arthur Ronald Sargent Slade solvedSolved
Robin Slaney 22/03/2004 £125,000.00
Anthony Sleet solvedSolved
Chung Chim So 29/07/2004 £75,000.00
Elizabeth Stickley 05/12/2004 £37,000.00
Edgars Martins Sprogis solvedSolved
Ruth Queenie Stanton solvedSolved
Reginald Stroud solvedSolved
Jan Szulc 16/01/2006 £165,000.00
Queenie Thompson solvedSolved
James William Tonks solvedSolved
Stephen Twomey 24/05/2006 £40,000.00
Stanley Reginald Turner solvedSolved
Kathleen Hilda Walker solvedSolved
Irene Walker solvedSolved
Wilfred Norman Walton solvedSolved
Roger Ward 08/11/2003 £20,000.00
Imogen Florence Watkins 06/08/2006 £36,000.00
Queenie Elizabeth Gladys West solvedSolved
Stanley Horace Wilkinson solvedSolved
Mary Margaret Williams solvedSolved
Dorothea Alice Williams solvedSolved
Lilian Willis solvedSolved
Frank Ewart Wilson solvedSolved
Robert Wilson solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £2,067,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 65.45%

Broadcast Date:- 29 June 2009 to 31 July 2009

Deceased Date of Death Value
John Adler solvedSolved
Arthur Aldrick solvedSolved
Stanislaus Ammer solvedSolved
Ronald Jackson Armer solvedSolved
Etemongha Ayebinimigha 16/03/2006 £50,000.00
Rita Kathleen Bartley solvedSolved
Christopher John Bett solvedSolved
Dorothy Rose Brewer solvedSolved
Edward Charles Brill solvedSolved
Clara Brooks solvedSolved
Sylvia May Cherrett solvedSolved
Thomas Joseph Clark 13/11/2004 less than £15,000
Lilian Violet Clarke solvedSolved
Anthony Clarke 21/09/2006 £10,000.00
Lilian Collins solvedSolved
Vincent James Connolly solvedSolved
Martha Corner 16/02/2008 £19,000.00
William Thomas Cozens 24/03/2006 £120,000.00
Florence Cullum solvedSolved
Mary D’Arcy-Cordigan solvedSolved
Countess Olga Natalia Von Dane Dembinska solvedSolved
Mary Devlin 20/01/2004 £5,000.00
Julia Dick Larkham solvedSolved
John Anthony Evans solvedSolved
Maria Ester Gill solvedSolved
David Gissing solvedSolved
Gladys Mary Glover solvedSolved
Herbert Cecil Godfrey solvedSolved
Maria Rosa Gomez-Lopez solvedSolved
Joan Evelyn Hack solvedSolved
Joyce Hanafy solvedSolved
Morwynna Harding solvedSolved
Stanley Harding solvedSolved
Villis Horns solvedSolved
Ernst Hornung solvedSolved
John Edward Horton solvedSolved
John Hoskins solvedSolved
Betty Hutchins solvedSolved
Linda Susan Jamieson 11/10/2006 £125,000.00
Margaret Sybil Lorraine  solvedSolved
David Luty solvedSolved
Hilda Macve solvedSolved
Brian Meer solvedSolved
Herbert Basil Morris solvedSolved
Statys Narbutus solvedSolved
James Arthur Nash solvedSolved
Paul Victor Perten solvedSolved
Kathleen Pradzynski solvedSolved
Gutel David Rabinowicz solvedSolved
Hasib Ramic 24/08/2006 £10,000.00
Miella Helen Roach solvedSolved
Anna Margaretta Sernstrom 04/05/2006 £12,000.00
Lucie Stepanski 18/11/2002 £32,000.00
Margaret Sullivan solvedSolved
Malcolm John Thomas  solvedSolved
Olive Thurston solvedSolved
Klaudusz Umanski solvedSolved
Iris Ann Webb solvedSolved
Rosemarie Ann White solvedSolved
Reginald Wild solvedSolved
Gerald Wilton 20/02/2008 £6,000.00
Phyllis Woodcock solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £389,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 82.26%

Broadcast Date:- 18 January 2010 to 12 February 2010

Deceased Date of Death Value
Catherine Brown  solvedSolved
Leonard Clutton solvedSolved
Kathleen Marlan Coomer solvedSolved
William Daly solvedSolved
Robert Pullen solvedSolved
Betty Roberts solvedSolved
Ronald Hutt  solvedSolved
Arthur Kelso solvedSolved
Sidney George Alfred Dancey solvedSolved
James Collin Joss  solvedSolved
Shirley Anne Meanley 20/05/2005 £300,000.00
Irene Middleton 02/10/2006 £20,000.00
Wincenty Luksza solvedSolved
Joan Malkin 30/11/2007 £51,000.00
Kamal Mustafa solvedSolved
Bertha Helen Hutson 16/10/1998 £7,000.00
Joyce Mary Kilner solvedSolved
Hetty Florence May Liebek solvedSolved
Keith Reynolds Miller 15/03/2005 £15,000.00
Leslie John Mylum solvedSolved
Charles Alfred James Mitchell solvedSolved
Hugh Murray solvedSolved
James Mackin Currie Hutchison solvedSolved
Paul Jules 12/05/2001 £9,000.00
John Kaye Robinson 01/03/2007 less than £15,000
Kathleen Schackleford solvedSolved
Anthony Regan 16/05/2006 £12,000.00
Doreen Mary Perry solvedSolved
Stasys Narbutas solvedSolved
Kathleen Nixon  solvedSolved
Marjorie Hyslop solvedSolved
Phyllis Clare Issacs solvedSolved
Robert Wardle Lyle solvedSolved
Jean Nanette McKenzie solvedSolved
Margaret Pyke  solvedSolved
Jean Rawlinson solvedSolved
Joyce Lily Anthony solvedSolved
Erroll Elizabeth Barbara Mountjoy solvedSolved
Ronald Irwin solvedSolved
Dorothy May Firman solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £414,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 80%

Broadcast Date:- 21 February 2011 to 25 March 2011

Deceased Date of Death Value
Suk-Kung Lickman 12/09/2009 £58,000.00
Edith Stallion solvedSolved
Margaret Lamonby solvedSolved
Matthew Balogun 31/12/2005 less than £15,000
John Mark Frith Blezard 20/04/2009 £124,000.00
Julius Ajidahuan 11/06/2009 less than £15,000
Edmund James Peddie 04/01/2009 less than £15,000
Fredrick Thomas Celeb Bache solvedSolved
John Herbert Featherstone solvedSolved
Crystal Hephzibah Gardner 04/08/2008 £497,518.00
Victor Albert Haber 21/11/1900 £65,000.00
John Richard Kendrick 25/07/2006 £274,000.00
David Patrick Howard Beck 01/01/2009 £200,000.00
Eileen Lashmer-Parsons 17/10/2000 £5,000.00
Marie Teresa Jaconelli 11/03/2008 £27,000.00
Alan John Inglis solvedSolved
Ethel Knowles solvedSolved
Bryan Arthur Daniel Tebbut solvedSolved
Zillah Joan Forge solvedSolved
Leonard Batstone solvedSolved
Murdoch McRae Urquhart solvedSolved
Norah Ellen Elleman solvedSolved
George Mcglade solvedSolved
Winifred Connie Bartholomew solvedSolved
Winifred Elizabeth Balharrie solvedSolved
Ronald Jaggard solvedSolved
William James Kingdon solvedSolved
Joseph Hegedus solvedSolved
Zarco Radosaljevic 21/08/2002 £6,700.00
Dennis Dickens solvedSolved
Edna Youle solvedSolved
Stanley Sampson solvedSolved
Edward Plumtree solvedSolved
Graham Colpoys-Johnson solvedSolved
Aina Austrins solvedSolved
Brenda Gagg 20/04/1998 £7,500.00
Zofia Zuk 15/09/2002 £8,000.00
Cissie Madeline Endicott solvedSolved
George Raymond Jaffrey solvedSolved
Winifred Dewar solvedSolved
Subhas Chandra Ghosh 02/08/2000 £9,000.00
Olwyn Muriel Oliver 18/08/1999 £9,000.00
Constance Marjorie Absolon solvedSolved
James Judge solvedSolved
Brian Alexander Yanchuk solvedSolved
Eileen Emmuska Lytton solvedSolved
Florence Patricia De Groot solvedSolved
Joanna Fredericksan 10/09/2000 £10,000.00
Phyllis Ellen Mccue solvedSolved
Joseph Michael Fagan solvedSolved
Doris Maud Bennett 25/12/1999 £13,000.00
Gwendoline Annesley solvedSolved
Sandor Alex Kiss solvedSolved
Margery Junita Olsen Bateman solvedSolved
Doris May Baggott solvedSolved
Edmund Kurant solvedSolved
Maria Joahne Hoile 12/01/2000 £15,000.00
Maria Carmen Navarro 23/12/2007 £17,000.00
Vivian Michael Brownray 27/08/2005 £18,000.00
Josephine Canaletta Ruaux 01/04/2001 £20,000.00
Gordon Lewis Monteith Keevil 17/05/2008 £20,000.00
Denis Eads solvedSolved
Evelyn Bamberger solvedSolved
Preciosa Da Assuncao 27/12/2002 £27,500.00
Peter Paul Mcqualter solvedSolved
Timothy Houlihan solvedSolved
Frances Montigo 28/12/2003 £40,000.00
Marie-Anne Rita Ingerborg Zarine 11/02/2004 £50,000.00
Franklin Nwane Osadebe 03/03/2004 £65,000.00
Ronald Lakin 25/05/2000 £140,000.00
Abdul Aziz Ismaili 27/01/2004 £127,000.00
Philip William John Oldroyd 27/10/2008 £200,000.00
Joan Mildred Clare Greenslade 18/10/2001 £300,000.00
James Charles Brown 01/01/2000 £400,000.00
Mary Ursula Franklen-Evans solvedSolved
Annette Regina Cadnam-Clinton solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £2,753,218.00 Percentage of cases solved 57.89%

Broadcast Date:- 21 November 2011 to 4 December 2011

Deceased Date of Death Value
Maurice John Addison solvedSolved
Gladys Margaret Allum 02/09/2008 £21,000.00
Michael Barovitch solvedSolved
Patrick Charles Borthwick 24/10/2007 less than £15,000
Ella Sophie Laura Buckland solvedSolved
Frances Anselm Christie solvedSolved
Margaret Mary Coleman 13/09/2007 £10,000.00
Chapman Mather Dawson solvedSolved
Mary Evelyn Dobby solvedSolved
John Joseph Duffy 29/04/1997 £10,000.00
John William Frank Dunn solvedSolved
John Samuel Earnshaw solvedSolved
Ernest Richard Ellis solvedSolved
Lydia Louise Fitzpatrick 26/06/2005 £20,000.00
Gerald Ford solvedSolved
Rosemary Garrett solvedSolved
Dora Gorman solvedSolved
Wladislaw Graf solvedSolved
Enid Green solvedSolved
Bruce Harding solvedSolved
Michael Harris 26/12/2002 £28,000.00
Cecil Michael Power solvedSolved
Eva Sylvia Barnett Price 19/06/1998 £250,000.00
George Henry Reed solvedSolved
Herbert William Richardson solvedSolved
Rizk Samir Zaki solvedSolved
William Gary Sargent solvedSolved
Annie Ypres Saunders solvedSolved
William Shaddick solvedSolved
Mary Smith solvedSolved
Chung Chim So 29/07/2004 £75,000.00
Elfriede Margarete Steedman solvedSolved
Subhi Subhedar 16/07/1998 £33,000.00
Frank Swann solvedSolved
John Thomas solvedSolved
Christopher Charles White solvedSolved
Martha Zavril 29/03/2000 less than £15,000
Unclaimed Value: in excess of £447,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 72.97%

Broadcast Date:- 16 April 2012 to 11 May 2012

Deceased Date of Death Value
Eric Bedward 27/10/2000 £9,000.00
Ivy Belinda Freeguard solvedSolved
Ivor Herbert Saddington solvedSolved
William Aspey solvedSolved
Janet Mary Disley 08/07/2003 £5,000.00
Bernard Zoe solvedSolved
Roman Augustyn Hachulski 10/12/2000 less than £15,000
Semek Binti Smith 09/05/1997 £10,000.00
Kathleen Mary Waddon 05/04/2007 £8,000.00
Marjorie Ettlinger 12/01/1997 £10,000.00
Vera Stingmore solvedSolved
William Ronald Victor Tod solvedSolved
John Archer Hydes solvedSolved
Violet May Priddle solvedSolved
Richard Barnes solvedSolved
Anna Buglar solvedSolved
Kathleen Marjorie Daye solvedSolved
Carel Willem Johannes Van Greuning solvedSolved
George Batho solvedSolved
Florence Esther Keir solvedSolved
Graham Sansom-Piggins solvedSolved
Mary Lilian Clunan solvedSolved
Reginald Fewtrell solvedSolved
Thomas Arthur Thomas 08/02/1997 less than £15,000
Terpsithea Ellinas 23/11/2003 less than £15,000
Samuel Archibald Illingworth solvedSolved
Charlotte Titchiner solvedSolved
Edward Stephen Connolley 12/09/2002 less than £15,000
James Leask solvedSolved
Leonard Smurthwaite solvedSolved
Margaret Grant-Paxton solvedSolved
Mabel Presence solvedSolved
Herbert Fallows Worsnop 03/03/2001 £800,000.00
Margaret Dabanli 15/07/1999 less than £15,000
Reggie Harold Erick Hattersley Gyte solvedSolved
Jessie Richins solvedSolved
Pechara Diplock 16/12/2006 less than £15,000
George Charles Flin solvedSolved
George Twist solvedSolved
Ellie Sexton Barling solvedSolved
Gladys Frogley solvedSolved
George Barry Pizzy solvedSolved
Daisy Violet Lily Rose May Poppy Fern Barnes solvedSolved
Dorothy Caroline Geddes solvedSolved
Benhilda Tandi solvedSolved
Kathleen Nappin solvedSolved
Michael Andrew Jackson 15/03/2004 less than £15,000
Jean Prosho solvedSolved
Paul Anthony Bebb solvedSolved
Doreen Hadlum solvedSolved
Maria Ellen Quint solvedSolved
Dorothy Netta Food solvedSolved
William Henry Merritt solvedSolved
Filomena Pudlo 19/05/1995 £10,000.00
Pollyanna Frances Charley Burnett solvedSolved
Mary Griffiss solvedSolved
John Emmanuel O’Hosi 18/02/2007 £60,000.00
Zable Arabian 07/08/1996 £7,000.00
Walter Robshaw solvedSolved
Betty Stebbeds solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £919,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 73.33%

Broadcast Date:- 4 March 2013 to 29 March 2013

Deceased Date of Death Value
Tex Orrico 28/09/2009 less than £15,000
Marjorie Rummens solvedSolved
Edgar Guest 01/03/2005 £34,000.00
Thelma Margaret Williams solvedSolved
Golda Samuels 18/11/1999 £45,100.00
Harold Dixon solvedSolved
Pattie Lawson solvedSolved
Colin Stewart Macdonald solvedSolved
Gordon Stead solvedSolved
Mary Ellen O’Sullivan solvedSolved
Albert Phillip Ford solvedSolved
Jane Wighton solvedSolved
Robert Alexander Craig Baillie solvedSolved
Andrew Black solvedSolved
Helen Haldane Boyd solvedSolved
Patrick Brady solvedSolved
Joseph Dougan solvedSolved
Charles Lloyd solvedSolved
Robert Brodie Lyle solvedSolved
Jeanie Macgillivray solvedSolved
Susan Robertson solvedSolved
Janet Aiken solvedSolved
Patrick Armstrong solvedSolved
Michael Barovitch solvedSolved
Florence Kisil solvedSolved
Brian Gordon Scriven  solvedSolved
Sidney Thomas Capel solvedSolved
Maria Bridget Howling  solvedSolved
Frank Garbutt Sherwood Adams  solvedSolved
Joyce Olive Dare solvedSolved
Denise Lucie Ocatvie Jeane Janovtechnik 25/11/2005 £900,000.00
Ronald Arrowsmith solvedSolved
Christine Ann Cunniah solvedSolved
Edward Anthony Heffernan 27/09/1995 less than £15,000
George Edward Bainton solvedSolved
Doris Heffer solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: £979,100.00 Percentage of cases solved 86.11%

Broadcast Date:- 3 March 2014 to 28 March 2014

Deceased Date of Death Value
Stefan Bohdan Adams solvedSolved
Dorothy Rita Adie 10/02/2000 less than £15,000
Joseph Algazi solvedSolved
Abdul Jabbar Othman Al-Rawendouzi 05/06/2002 £35,000.00
George Scott Anderson solvedSolved
Joanna Margaret Andrews 10/07/2011 £113,000.00
Anastasia Ashton-Jones 22/06/2009 £62,000.00
Dorothy Avery solvedSolved
Selina Bagnall solvedSolved
George William Baker solvedSolved
Hilda Joan Baker 06/11/2003 £8,000.00
Paula Barnby solvedSolved
Ann Patricia Barnes solvedSolved
Ivy Mary Barnes 23/01/2002 £167,000.00
Tina Kim Barnett 17/12/2007 less than £15,000
Winifred Joan Barr solvedSolved
Pauline Bartlett 29/04/2011 £21,000.00
Paul Bernard 12/10/2008 less than £15,000
Joyce Anita Yvonne Blake-Fowler solvedSolved
Ellen Breiden-Bach solvedSolved
Louise Icilda Carby 11/05/2012 less than £15,000
Isabella Pirie Cruickshank solvedSolved
Delores De Villiers 08/01/2006 less than £15,000
Thomas Douglas solvedSolved
Anita Myrtle Jeanne Mccartney solvedSolved
Beryl Joan Leonard solvedSolved
Christopher Anthony Longstaff 08/11/2012 £115,000.00
Malcolm Hugh Macdonald solvedSolved
Esther Madden solvedSolved
John Greer Martin solvedSolved
Julian Nowak solvedSolved
Theresa O’Brien solvedSolved
John Shaw solvedSolved
Richard Rogers Smith solvedSolved
Paul Shane Stewart solvedSolved
Anne Margaret Whitwam solvedSolved
Mary Ann Margaret Wraight 17/09/1997 £10,000.00
Joyce Rosemary Wrigley 19/03/2012 £263,000.00
Alexandra Cameron Wysockim solvedSolved
Ralph Yates solvedSolved
Agnes Young solvedSolved
Zemund Zegula 14/06/2004 less than £15,000
Unclaimed Value: £794,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 64.29%

Broadcast Date:- 23 February 2015 to 23 March 2015

 Deceased Date of Death Value
Estella Grunberg 07/08/2011 £24,000.00
Catherine Melville 24/04/1998 £10,000.00
Rennie Anthony Phare solvedSolved
John Austin Ingham solvedSolved
Gladys Alice Agnew solvedSolved
Irene Biggs solvedSolved
Audrey Waring Wainwright 25/09/2006 £270,000.00
Marcel Claude Toupin solvedSolved
Robert Shaw 26/10/2005 less than £15,000
Jeanette Van Zyl solvedSolved
Reginald John Charles Patterson 02/09/2000 £7,500.00
Daniel James Peacock 22/11/2008 £9,000.00
Leaford George Barrett 24/02/2013 £27,000.00
Bernard Edward Barton solvedSolved
Albert Bidjikian 04/12/2002 £73,000.00
Joan Pollard solvedSolved
Jacob Rabinowicz 04/10/2010 £30,000.00
Patrick Joseph Kavanagh 09/04/2007 £9,000.00
Margaret Christine Weedy 08/06/2002 less than £15,000
Kenneth Kitchener Lear solvedSolved
Donald Shuker solvedSolved
William Barclay solvedSolved
Prodyot Kumar Chatterjee 27/04/2013 less than £15,000
Bernard Rooney solvedSolved
Ian St James 30/05/2011 less than £15,000
John David Diplock 26/01/2013 £165,000.00
Leslie Watson Rowley solvedSolved
Ralph Ian Boisey Shaw solvedSolved
John Stoakes solvedSolved
Barbara Weese 09/01/1999 £9,000.00
Oswald Warry 26/06/2004 less than £15,000
Ronald Thompson solvedSolved
Joseph Savage solvedSolved
Fred Brocklehurst solvedSolved
Maurice Bernard Phillips solvedSolved
Sally Vandyke 01/06/1998 less than £15,000
Herbert Cheetham 25/09/2002 £8,000.00
Edith Mary Atkins solvedSolved
Abdi Shula solvedSolved
Maris Vicaridge solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: in excess of £641,500.00 Percentage of cases solved 55%

Broadcast Date:- 29 February 2016 – 29 March 2016

Date broadcast Deceased Date of Death Value
22/03/2016 Hilda May Abbott solvedSolved
 9/3/2016 Jack Adams 26/01/2003 less than £15,000.00
 2/3/2016 Margaret May Addis solvedSolved
11/03/2016 Rachel Ena Ades solvedSolved
 9/3/2016 Elizabeth Agnew 15/04/2013 less than £15,000.00
22/03/2016 Thomas Aherne solvedSolved
11/03/2016 Patricia Bachelor solvedSolved
29/02/2016 Phyllis Baker solvedSolved
29/02/2016 Stanley Francis Balch solvedSolved
 2/3/2016 Gerald Barber 14/08/2004 less than £15,000.00
17/03/2016 Leaford George Barrett 24/02/2013 less than £15,000.00
 14/3/2016 Irene Barta 16/01/1994 less than £15,000.00
17/03/2016 Friedreich Beck 03/12/2009 £25,000.00
 14/3/2016 Rose Irene Beckwith 11/01/2010 £104,000.00
23/03/2016 MacDonald Best 17/04/2001 less than £15,000.00
23/03/2016 Kamal Bhan 26/04/2011 less than £15,000.00
24/03/2016 Edith Alice Boulton solvedSolved
24/03/2016 Dorothy-Violet Bruce-Ambrose solvedSolved
29/03/2016 Ernestine Georgina Agnes Burnham solvedSolved
21/03/2016 Alide Kand solvedSolved
21/03/2016 Margaret Lee-Ying solvedSolved
 8/3/2016 Patricia Legh-Kelly solvedSolved
18/03/2016 Peggy Lisney 26/06/1993 £25,000.00
16/03/2016 Hilda Gladys Martin solvedSolved
21/03/2016 Constance Sylvia Burleigh Martin 29/06/1993 £70,000.00
16/03/2016 Malcolm McDonald solvedSolved
15/03/2016 Sycriff Joseph Neita 28/04/2013 less than £15,000.00
15/03/2016 Raj Parmar 11/05/2010 less than £15,000.00
 10/3/2016 Gordon Sheldon 18/05/1997 less than £15,000.00
 10/3/2016 Daisy Irene Sloat solvedSolved
 7/3/2016 Robert David Twigg 24/01/2011 less than £15,000.00
 7/3/2016 Ernest Walker 02/11/1992 less than £15,000.00
10/03/2016 Digby Stuart Warrell solvedSolved
 4/3/2016 Peggy Gladys Hilda Williams solvedSolved
 3/3/2016 Martin Winkler 13/06/2011 less than £15,000.00
1/3/2016 Mohammed Yunas 22/12/2010 £18,000.00
 3/3/2016 Marie-Anne Rita Ingerborg Zarine 11/02/2004 £126,000.00
 4/3/206 Valentina Znamensky 08/06/1997 less than £15,000.00
1/3/2016 Zofia Zuk 15/09/2002 £8,000.00
Unclaimed Value: in excess of £376,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 46.15%


Broadcast Date:- 27 February 2017 to 10 March 2017
and 14 August 2017 to 26 August 2017

Date broadcast Deceased Date of Death Value
 27/02/2017  Kathleen Minnie Wayte solvedSolved
 27/02/2017  Alfred Kellsall solvedSolved
 28/02/2017  Helen Miller  28/09/1994  less than £15,000.00
 28/02/2017  Clarence Middlebrook solvedSolved
 01/03/2017  Winifred Flude solvedSolved
 01/03/2017  James Noone  22/09/1990 £10,000.00
 02/03/2017  Annie Verrall  22/01/2006  less than £15,000.00
 02/03/2017  Charles Monk solvedSolved
 03/03/2017  Charlotte Raven solvedSolved
 03/03/2017  Nathan Isaacs  01/11/1999  less than £15,000.00
 06/03/2017  Bridget Gamble  16/03/2013  less than £15,000.00
 06/03/2017  Gwyn Aldred  03/02/1994  £120,000.00
 07/03/2017  Meade Grigg solvedSolved
 07/03/2017  Leslie James Swann 31/03/2008  less than £15,000.00
 08/03/2017  Ellen Kranitzky solvedSolved
 08/03/2017  George Nelson Finneran solvedSolved
 09/03/2017  Amelia Lilian Rissone  23/08/1998  £10,000.00
 09/03/2017  Edwin Queen solvedSolved
 10/03/2017  Kathleen Peacock  09/12/1989  less than £15,000.00
 10/03/2017  Gerry Riordan solvedSolved
14/08/2017 Edith Darvas 15/07/1996  less than £15,000.00
14/08/2017 Robert Wilding solvedSolved
15/08/2017 Vincent Tinney solvedSolved
15/08/2017 Mary McIntyre solvedSolved
16/08/2017 John Goff solvedSolved
16/08/2017 Rosemary Yalden 06/09/2004  less than £15,000.00
17/08/2017 Walter Alderdice solvedSolved
17/08/2017 Mary Ahern 18/10/2002  less than £15,000.00
18/08/2017 Alison Myrtle Dare solvedSolved
18/08/2017 William Richard Meacock solvedSolved
21/08/2017 Catherine Mary Toye 24/12/1989  less than £15,000.00
21/08/2017 Kenneth Hepple out of time
22/08/2017 Mary Jane Aljovin solvedSolved
22/08/2017 Arthur Ernest Bailey Leivers solvedSolved
23/08/2017 Minnie Needle 06/10/1989  less than £15,000.00
23/08/2017 James William Galway 09/01/1997  less than £15,000.00
24/08/2017 Frank Laird 22/07/2013 £22,000
24/08/2017 Marion Alton solvedSolved
25/08/2017 Beatrice Svenson 26/01/1992 £10,000
25/08/2017 Keith Vincent Irons solvedSolved


Unclaimed Value: in excess of £190,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 52.38%

Broadcast Date:- 16 April 2018 to 27 April 2018
and 16 July 2018 to 27 July 2018

Date broadcast Deceased Date of Death Value
16/4/2018 Charlotte Patricia Dorothy Maud Levett-Bronte solvedSolved
16/4/2018 Betty Parish 21/10/1990 less than £5,000
17/4/2018  Elsie May Abbott 18/1/1992 £15,000
17/4/2018 Phyllis Beatrice Montague 23/8/1991 less than £5,000
18/4/2018 Janet Bowen 22/12/2009 £191,000
18/4/2018 Ronald Arthur Ladyman 22/10/2002 £210,000
19/4/2018 Mary Jane Aljovin solvedSolved
19/4/2018 Peter Anthony Pope 26/5/1990 less than £5,000
20/4/2018 William Henry Barrett solvedSolved
20/4/2018 Gertrude Christensen  23/12/1975 less than £5,000
23/4/2018 Christopher Robin Reeves  26/6/2014 £325,274
23/4/2018 Dorothy Ethel Harris  11/4/1992 less than £5,000
24/4/2018 Eric Francisco Ferrigno  2/11/1991 less than £5,000
24/4/2018 Mary Frances Cantello  22/6/1990 less than £5,000
25/4/2018 Lillian Frances Mutum  solvedSolved
25/4/2018  Alice May Perry 16/10/1989  less than £5,000
26/4/2018  Joan Barbara Schofield 22/8/1996  £10,000
26/4/2018  Hilda May Smallwood 14/6/1992  £10,000
27/4/2018  Eric Raymond Harvey  solvedSolved
27/4/2018  Ivy Keep  24/2/1992  less than £5,000
16/07/2018 Joseph Daniel Flaherty 20/11/1992 £40,000
16/07/2018 Margaret May Leahy 22/05/1996 less than £5,000
17/07/2018 Eileen Rankin 03/01/1994 £125,000.00
17/07/2018 Marguerite Hewitt solvedSolved
18/07/2018 Alice May McElearney solvedSolved
18/07/2018 Rose Lillian Angel 05/11/1997 less than £5,000
20/07/2018 Margaret Mohan solvedSolved
20/07/2018 Gladys Lillian Marsden 24/07/1991 less than £5,000
23/07/2018 John Eric Huddleston 24/10/2013 £491,000.00
23/07/2018 Arthur George Fry solvedSolved
24/07/2018 Elizabeth Joan Clark solvedSolved
24/07/2018 Violet Dorothy Delahunty solvedSolved
25/07/2018 Maud Lillian Gardner 18/03/1991 less than £5,000
25/07/2018 Ernest Randall Rathbone 16/08/1992 less than £5,000
26/07/2018 Nora Phillips 18/11/1993 less than £5,000
26/07/2018 Charles John King 28/10/1996 less than £5,000
27/07/2018 Kathleen Elizabeth Pullen 24/12/1988 £82,000.00
27/07/2018 Ann Roderick solvedSolved
Unclaimed Value: in excess of £1,499,000.00 Percentage of cases solved 31.58%
Last update: 04.09.2018 Total value of unsolved cases: in excess of  £19,979,818.00 Percentage of solved cases 62.45%

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Fraser and Fraser have not included all the information about the deceased and you are advised to obtain the latest details on the Bona Vacantia web page. We have included a value that is calculated by Fraser and Fraser and was correct at the time of publishing. The Value on the estates is not published on any other web page it is unique to our database and copyrighted© the data remains the property of Fraser and Fraser and can’t be reproduced or copied without our written approval. We accept no responsibility if the value we have published has changed or is not correct.

Fraser and Fraser have not worked all of the listed cases. The majority of the larger cases either have no living heirs under English and Welsh law (decedents of first cousins) or have parts of research that can not be cracked, i.e. the deceased is born in an area of the world that does not allow research. Some of the smaller cases have not been looked at by Fraser and Fraser as it would not be economical for us to complete the research, and find all the heirs.

 The whole probate process is a complex affair fraught with legal complexities. Identifying heirs, submitting claims, selling assets, paying liabilities, calculating entitlement and eventual distribution of monies are matters that can not be completed without first having knowledge of the law. A small error can result in legal and financial penalties, and thus are best conducted or overseen by a professional.

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