We are proud to announce Michael Pettifor has joined the firm in our London office. Michael has a background in asset reunification, whereby we locate assets that have been labelled “Asset holder missing/unclaimed”. Michael will work towards tracing the asset holder or, in some cases the beneficiaries to their estate and reuniting them with these unclaimed assets. Michael has worked in this industry for six and a half years with Treethorpe Limited, prior to this he worked in Australia.

Michael is joining Fraser and Fraser as a Case Manager, tasked with expanding our asset repatriation department. Michael says “I have always been open to a new challenge and this role was just the opportunity I had been waiting for, the chance to join a leading firm like Fraser and Fraser to develop a department just doesn’t come around that often”.

Fraser and Fraser is a founding member of the Association of Probate Research (APR). The APR is an independent regulatory body which was set up to bring regulation to a previously unregulated industry and to protect the public from enthusiastic amateurs and fraudulent individuals. Fraser and Fraser’s Case Managers are individual members of APR as well as being enrolled on the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR), and hold a Practising Certificate issued by PPR meaning they are regulated under the PPR Scheme. Michael is already a member of APR and PPR from his time at Treethorpe, working to the strict Professional Standards and Ethics code that all APR members must follow, and fitted straight in at Fraser and Fraser.

Diligence and Professionalism are two very important traits to Michael. He treats every case individually and seeks to ensure that every detail is correct. Whilst engaging with our clients he treats them all with the same level of respect and is attentive to when sensitive matters arise. Whether you are familiar with the industry and the work involved, or not, Michael will guide you through the process and will keep our clients constantly updated, which is important to us at Fraser and Fraser.

Fraser and Fraser pride ourselves on commitment and clarity to the work we undertake. Being the founding member of the APR we are determined to illustrate to both the public and private sector the difference between a firm with legal training and experience and an amateur. Michael emulates this ideal perfectly and shows equal commitment and determination to help define Fraser and Fraser as the market leaders.