A former solicitor has been sentenced to jail for forging his clients’ wills.

Speaking at Mold Crown Court, Judge Rhys Rowlands said lawyer Peter Davies had committed a “shocking breach of trust” in taking £241,000 from clients between 2010 and 2016.

Charges included two counts of forgery, concealing criminal property and submitting a forged will to a probate registry, the Solicitors’ Journal reports.

Bangor-based Davies was struck off in 2017 after he was found to have taken money under power of attorney from a client, Albert Williams, after the former headmaster had died.

The lawyer failed to inform the bank that Williams had passed away and withdrew up to £300 a day from the dead man’s account.

He then created false wills for other deceased clients to pay off the legitimate beneficiaries of the first estate.

Judge Rowlands said Davies pocketed an average of £48,000 a year for five years in this way.

The court also heard £44,000 has since been repaid and that an investigation was due to take place under the Proceeds of Crime Act.