Charity leaders have called for new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to address key concerns facing the sector.

In particular, they are hoping for answers about how European Union funding will be replaced and reassurances about plans for sustained economic growth, reports the Civil Society website.

Rhodri Davies, head of policy at the Charities Aid Foundation, said: “Government plays a key role in opening up the space for civil society to flourish. At a time of such political uncertainty, it’s vital that the new prime minister delivers the stability that charities need to fulfil our respective missions.

“Amid polarisation and division, charities bring people together, provide essential services and make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s economy. Collectively, they can offer a bold vision for a better society and they deserve a powerful voice at the heart of government.”

Roberta Fusco, director of policy and engagement at the Charity Finance Group, added: “There are unchartered waters ahead, which will not only need strong leadership from the start, but also a strong future relationship with the voluntary sector to help mend the tears in our social fabric.”