Gifts in wills are likely to become even more important to charities over the next decade, latest research suggests.

Sector analyst Legacy Foresight predicts that demographic realities will combine with people’s increased interest in leaving a gift to increase the number of charitable bequests by 23 per cent, from 118,000 to 145,000, in the next 10 years.

In 2019 the total UK legacy market was worth £3.4bn and analysts predict that figure will grow by 37 per cent in current prices over the next 10 years, reaching £4.7bn in 2029. This is despite an anticipated fall in legacy income in 2020.

Legacies are particularly important to larger charities, for whom they can represent around one fifth of total income.

Legacy Foresight also points out it is seeing a rise in interest in smaller, often local, causes; with air ambulances, hospitals and wildlife trusts all rising in popularity among donors.

The organisation predicts that this trend would continue in coming years as more people experience local charities first-hand, as beneficiaries, donors, and volunteers.

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