Birmingham City Council’s Empty Homes team has revealed the transformation of some of its previously-derelict properties, amid the city’s housing crisis.

The Empty Homes team have now released images depicting the before and after of some of its once-derelict properties, to highlight how they have now been transformed into livable homes.

Councillor Sharon Thompson acknowledges the scale of the city’s homelessness problem and urged anyone with information about an empty home to contact the Empty Homes team:

 “Homelessness in Birmingham is a big issue for the council. It is essential that we bring properties like these back into our housing stock so they are available to meet this need.

“Our team is aware that there are many more properties across the city which have been empty for a long period of time. If anyone knows of a property near them they should contact Birmingham City Council’s Empty Homes team.”

Currently, around 17,000 people in Birmingham are on the housing list whilst the City’s Empty Homes team battle to reclaim abandoned privately-owned property.

Matthew Smith, Principal Enforcement Officer with Birmingham City Council, said: “The empty property team have, for many years, tried to encourage the owners to bring these properties back into use.”

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Image: Birmingham Mail