This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Prince Albert (on August 26 1819).

Prince of the German state of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Albert went on to be consort of Queen Victoria, with whom he had nine children.

Prince Albert died in 1861, supposedly of typhoid, but his name remained extremely popular throughout the Victorian era.

By 1900 Albert was the ninth most-given name for boys in England and Wales. However, its star waned in the 20th century, slipping from 13th in 1924, to 93rd in 1954 and then out of the top 100 altogether during the 1960s.

Alberts remained relatively few and far between until 2013, when the name re-entered the top rankings at 99. By 2018 it was 72nd on the list, while the alternative “Albie” had climbed to 45.

Queen Victoria insisted that of all her children had to use the name Albert as a first or middle name for one of their sons. In total, 12 royal offspring were given the name for this reason.