Many of our Local Authority clients need to arrange funerals under S.46 Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. Our role is to support them by identifying and locating the family of the deceased so that they have the opportunity to take on the funeral arrangements, thus saving the Council the cost of a S.4 funeral.

Even if the family cannot take on the funeral themselves, they will have the option to attend the S.46 funeral arranged by our Local Authority client, and to pay their respects.

We are happy to help in all cases, whether or not the deceased left an estate.

Case Study 1
Melanie Field (deceased)

The facts
Melanie Field had many friends but practically nothing was known of her family. When she died, the Local Authority found themselves arranging what was to be a well-attended funeral and, if possible, wanted to avoid the cost.

The problem
We agreed to fund the cost of a suitable funeral ceremony and to be reimbursed by the estate. We set about identifying Melanie’s family and located 11 cousins living all over the country.

The outcome
The crematorium was full of Melanie’s friends and some of her cousins. Our Local Authority client avoided the cost of a S.46 funeral and we were reimbursed by the estate in due course.

Case Study 2
Harry Bland (deceased)

The facts
Harry Bland died in September 2018 and left no estate. Our Local Authority client was going to arrange his funeral under S.46. They wanted to contact Harry’s family to see if they would be prepared to take on his funeral or if not, be able to attend and pay their respects.

The problem
Our Local Authority client realised it was highly likely that Harry had surviving family but they had no way of knowing who or where they were and approached us to help them.

The solution
Using our research tools and expertise, we drew up Harry’s family tree. Although he never married or had children and his parents had predeceased him, he did have four siblings.

The outcome
There were two surviving siblings and seven nephews and nieces. The family was fairly widely dispersed around the UK but we identified and located all of them. Those who were able to, attended Harry’s funeral.