The probate process usually takes between 12 and 18 months* to complete – that’s because there are a number of different stages to work through.

It can sometimes be hard to quantify each stage as they all overlap, but whatever the situation, we are committed to completing your case as quickly as possible.

Due to the level of research required, international cases can take much longer and as can School Sites. If you’ve been contacted with regards to one of these, please see above.

*Refers to UK contingency cases only

For a better understanding of the probate process, check out our infographic below


The research begins

Entire process takes approximately 12-18 months

When a case is referred to us, we crack on in search for beneficiaries.



You're contacted by us

That’s because we believe you may be entitled to an unclaimed inheritance.


Pop it in the post

Send back the signed agreement and questionnaire as soon as you can. You can even do it online!


Collating the evidence

We’ll send you a detailed letter on the research and your connection to the estate – this is our disclosure. There will be a Letter of Authority in there for you to post back to us too.


Submitting the claim

Once we receive your letter, we can submit your claim to the relevant authority for you.


The legal stuff starts

Takes approx 1 year, as part of entire process timeline

An administrator is appointed who instructs a solicitor to administer the estate. This will not cost you anything.


Applying for a Grant

The administrator’s appointed representative obtains a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. The time this takes can vary.


The statutory wait (*)

This is a legal requirement for both testate and intestate cases, lasting 6 months from when the Grant is administered.


Tying loose ends (*)

In the meantime, assets are dealt with, a Will search conducted and liabilities covered. Insurance policies can also be taken out at this point for your protection.


A family tree gift

We send you a copy of the outline of your family tree in the post. That one’s on us!


Calculating the £££

The final estate value is calculated and so is your share.


Distributing the shares

A solicitor will pay you your inheritance. And don’t forget – we’re not paid until you are, so it’s in our interest to make sure you get paid sharpish.