If you’ve heard from us, it could be one of five things:

  • We think you may be legally entitled to a share of an estate
  • We have located an unclaimed fund
  • You may know the person we are trying to contact or have information on the deceased
  • We would like to confirm you are the person we think you are
  • We have been asked to locate you by a firm of solicitors

In many cases, heirs to an estate are known and named in a Will, but sometimes these heirs cannot be found or a Will was never made. In these cases, the nearest next-of-kin can be a distant relative – in fact, beneficiaries may have never heard of the person who has died.

Fraser and Fraser do not trace debtors and only ever trace for a positive purpose. We also do not deal with PPI claims.

If you have received a letter from us in the post, please send us your response as soon as you can. It’ll help speed up the estate administration process!

Or why not drop us a message below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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