Fast Forward to Christmas day and siting for a traditional festive feast where two of the dinner guests went by the names of ‘Santa Clause’, and ‘One Too Many’? Not possible we hear you say, surely you are making this up, right? Wish we were, but this was actually the case in one family. Surely, even the Christmas cracker bad jokes can’t top that!!

As genealogists we have uncovered some names that really do stand out, while looking for heirs to unclaimed estates.

Neil Fraser, says that ‘Our genealogists get to look through hundreds of thousands of birth, death and marriage records. Over the years we have picked out certain names which have amused us and we’ve made a note of them. It shows people in the 19th century had a great sense of humour’.

To name but a few of the amusing names that we have uncovered, is marriage certificates of a ‘Miss Cheese’ marrying a ‘Mr Berger’ or census records of a ‘Even Stevens’, ‘Joe Blogs’ and a ‘Pete Sake’ can be quite entertaining – imagine having to introduce yourself to a crowd as ‘John Doe’ or ‘Olive Branch’.

As our researchers untangle their searches for family trees, they do wonder if the parents of some of these mentioned above, probably didn’t even realise consequences their children would later face in life. Though some names do indeed sound funny or weird and to think that some people have actually been named this, the bearer may not see anything wrong with it as in some languages or countries, the meaning behind the name can be somewhat different.

Continuing with the Christmas theme, one of the popular names we have come across and thought it perfect for this festive season is none other than ‘Mary Christmas’ herself! Continuing the festive theme, our researchers have also discovered the names: Santos Clause, Buddy Holly and twins Holly & Ivy to name but a few.

Traditional names like ‘Ivy’ as ever becoming more popular and has made it to the top 5 girl’s names of 2018.  In continuing with our festive fun, we have complied a list of Christmas related names that we have found from our research and the internet:

1.      Jesus Christ – Born 1996, USA

2.      Mary Christmas – Born 1922, Lincoln

3.      Holly Ivy – Married 1897, Bracknell

4.      Isaac Cracker – Married 1844, Torrington

5.      John Tinsel – Born 1848, Fylde

6.      Caroline Christmas – Born 1837, Dorking

7.      Faith Hope And Charity – Born 1889, Pontypool

8.      Mistletoe Spencer – Born 1910, Doncaster

We would like to wish you all a very ‘Mary Christmas’ and a ‘berry’ happy New Year from all at Fraser and Fraser J