When it comes to estate administration, it is vital to ensure that nothing is overlooked. On contracting Fraser and Fraser’s services your case will be assigned a Case Manager who will handle your case thoroughly and with meticulous attention to detail. We treat each referral on a case-by-case basis due to the diverse requests of our clients. To meet with their requirements we offer a wide range of services. Our services are designed to help you minimise your risks, maximise the value of the estate and achieve high levels of client satisfaction.

Research Assessment

To help minimise the risk of distributing an estate incorrectly, our Research Assessment offers a quick and efficient way to receive an expert opinion on your family tree research. By sending us your existing research, documents, certificates and family tree, we can provide a professional genealogical opinion on its accuracy, and suggest any improvements. We have four packages which allow you to choose the most relevant level of research for your case’s needs.

Nil Rate Band Document Service

It is possible to transfer any unused portion of a predeceased spouse or civil partner’s inheritance tax threshold known as the ‘Nil Rate Band’. To prove the transferability of this Nil Rate Band allowance, the following documentation is necessary:

The predeceased partner’s death certificate
The predeceased partner’s probate (or a statement that none was found)
The couple’s marriage certificate

Bypass the time-consuming task of searching through public records by using the certificate ordering service we provide. This way you can proceed with other demands safe in the knowledge that the documents you need will soon be on their way.

What documents can we obtain for you?

UK birth, marriage and death certificates (going back to 1837 in England & Wales, 1855 in Scotland)
Adoption certificates (going back to 1927 in England & Wales, 1930 in Scotland)
Registered civil partnership certificates (dating back to 2005 in England & Wales, 2004 in Scotland)
Wills and Grants of Representation (dating back to 1858)
Decree Absolute (dating back to 1857)

Property Management Services

In many cases, the most valuable asset of an estate is the property and as always when dealing with property there is a great deal to think about. Whether you are dealing with just one property or a complex portfolio, take the difficulties out and leave it to us. We can help you with probate valuations, empty property insurance and property management & security.

Fraser and Fraser manage the sale of property, streamlining the process and making it quicker. We choose estate agents carefully based on their performance and their locality to the property. To minimise risks, and keep the process moving, we co-ordinate the communication between you and the buyers’ solicitor, their agent and financial adviser.

Probate Insurance

It is important to protect yourself and your firm and speed up the estate administration process. It is always advisable to take out Missing Will Insurance when a valid Will is located on an estate believed to be an intestacy, or a more recent valid Will is found on testate estate after distribution. We can also arrange Missing Beneficiary Insurance, so that if an unknown beneficiary comes forward after the estate has been distributed, you will be protected.

Why take out Probate Insurance?

– To get preferential premiums based on the success of our excellent research performance over the years
– We use multiple insurance providers in order to search the market and ensure we provided competitive quotes
– To gain peace of mind that you are protected from unpredictable or unforeseeable events
– To protect administrators, executors and trustees from post-distribution claims
– To protect yourself and your firm, and speed up the administration process

Missing beneficiaries

When dealing with an estate, you will often find the need to locate missing heirs either in the UK or overseas. Each case is unique so it is important that you have the opportunity to choose from four different fee options. We have an in-house team of Case Managers and Researchers, alongside a worldwide network of agents to undertake overseas research.

Managing Assets

Arranging the sale of shares and assets in the UK and overseas can be a complex and involved process. Fraser and Fraser can provide share valuations to ensure you can complete the necessary tax forms when dealing with Inheritance Tax, as well as assist with the transfer and sale. If you are administering an estate with assets in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands, we can arrange for the assets to be realised by obtaining the Grant of Probate on your behalf.